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luggage storage

We collect your luggage anywhere, anytime. 
Get them back when you arrive at the airport, train station, rental or hotel.

How does it work ?

Your Eelway concierge waits for you to arrive and collects your luggage.
Your bags are kept in a secured storage while you discover Paris.
We deliver them when you are comfortably arrived at your hotel or rental in Paris.
We collect your luggage when you check-out.
Your bags are transferred and kept in a secured storage while you enjoy Paris stress free.
Your Eelway concierge will wait for you with your lugagge in front of your check-in desk or platform.

How much ?

your first bag
per addionnal bag
Single price
No weight or size limits
Includes insurance

Security and tracking

Insured and sealed
Your luggage is sealed, insured and is always under our supervision.
Real-time tracking
We provide you with real-time information about your transfer status.
Client support
We are available 7 days a week, between 7am and 10pm (GMT).


How can I use Eelway ?

You just have to book your transfer on by specifying the luggage collection time and location. If you have any specific request, please send us an e-mail to

Where can I collect my luggage at the airport or train station ?

During the booking stage, you select the airport terminal or train station you want us to deliver your luggage to. An Eelway concierge will wait for you at the check-in desk or your train's platform. All important information (rendez-vous point, map, time, phone number and email) will be given to you so you can be rest assured that your luggage is in safe hands.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled ?

Several cases can happen.

1. You are leaving Paris but your flight is delayed : in this case, nothing changes, you still have to go to the airport at the same time for your check-in. Our Eelway concierge will wait for you with your luggage at the agreed time.

2. You are going away but your flight is cancelled: please contact our client support so we can arrange the best way for us to deliver your luggage at your home, hotel or at the airport.

3. Your flight arrival has been delayed and you booked a transfer : don't worry, our concierge will wait for you at the airport to collect your luggage.

Will my luggage be secured safely ?

We take the safety of your luggage very seriously.

All luggage is sealed.

Our couriers are specially trained to take care of your belongings.

Your luggage is kept in a secured storage while you are visiting Paris. During the transfer, the vehicles are locked all the time.

Can you store luggage for a short or long period of time?

Yes, we can store your luggage. That will cost an extra 2,50€ per night for the whole. For example, you have three bags you want us to pick-up one day and deliver the following morning at the airport, cost will then be 52,50€ (50€ for the three bags and 2,50€ for the night of storage).

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You describe our service better than us

Your clients decribe our service better than us!

  • "Amazing professional service!"

    Amazing professional service! It gave us a great relief that we (family of 4) could roam around freely on the last day after checking out of airbnb apt. They are someone who you can trust with your bags and new shopping clothes :)
  • "This service saved us"

    Truly, this service saved us from dragging around 3 large pieces of luggage around Paris. I can't help but wonder if this is available in other major cities. They were timely, professional, and were able to drop off our luggage 3 days later to another hotel. I will definitely use this again when I return.
  • "Their service of luggage transportation is top notch"

    It's a pity that not very many people know about Eelway because their service of luggage transportation is top notch. My family and I had used them during our last trip in Paris and we have nothing but great words to say about them and our experience with them.
  • "Excellent and essential service"

    This was an excellent and essential service for my family traveling from the US to Paris. We easily dropped off our bags with Eelway, who met us conveniently at baggage pickup. They were easy to spot in their brightly colored shirts. We were now free to explore Paris for 7 hours without hauling 4 large travel bags. The bags were dropped off at our Airbnb on time. Cannot express how appreciative we were of Eelway service and very highly recommend them to others.
  • "It was a wow experience for us"

    If you are in Paris and need to store your luggage, make us of eelway. They picked up our bags from the hotel apartment and returned them straight to the Terminal at CDG where we were departing from. It was a wow experience for us. And, it was unbelievably affordable. No need to move around with your big bags/luggage - use eelway.
  • "Quick, easy and affordable"

    Thanks again for the quick response for a last-minute transfer (Air-France strike does it again...). Quick, easy and affordable.
  • "Would really recommend. Great job."

    Used the facility as arrived to Paris with family and didnt want the hassle of carrying around baggage. When waiting for a Check into the hotel. Was met promptly at the arrival area by the eelway team who were thoroughly courtesy as they organised everything. A quick tagging of the bags. Delivery was done as promised between the time of 3-4pm. Really pleased and the best 45 Euro spent for such a service.
  • "Very responsible, responsive and reasonable"

    Perfect solution for any luggage logistic or storage problem in Paris. Orly has no left baggage area and Eelway is the best solution. We're so glad that we found Fabien! He's our life saver during our trip to Paris
  • "Excellent communication"

    Excellent communication, punctual and courteous service. Highly recommend.