What is Eelway?

Eelway is a mobile luggage storage service. We collect, store and deliver your bags anywhere in Paris & Lyon (hotel, rental, airport, train station). At the delivery time, an Eelway concierge will wait for you at the rendez-vous point with your luggage. Enjoy your day !

How can I use Eelway?

Mobile luggage storage to your service. You just have to book your transfer on Eelway.com by specifying the luggage collection time and location THEN when and where you wish to be delivered. An Eelway concierge waits for you at each step. If you have any specific request, please send us an e-mail to contact@eelway.com or contact us on chat.

Where is Eelway available?

Eelway is available in Paris & Lyon, its near-lying suburbs and its airports (Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle and Orly).

Map of service areas

When will my luggage be delivered?

You choose the time you want to have your luggage back. An Eelway concierge will wait for you at the rendez-vous point with your belongings. If you are late, do not worry, our concierge will stay until you are there.

Can I check where my luggage is?

You are informed by e-mail and text when your bags are collected, stored and transferred. You can also access our real-time tracking by signing into our website. Your Eelway concierge is reachable by phone or e-mail so you can easily get in touch.

How much does it cost?

Eelway charges 30€ for the first luggage bag and 10€ for any addition al bags. If you want us to store your luggage a few days, please contact us on contact@eelway.com.

Is my personal information secured?

Any private information is protected and we will never share it with any other organisation (except if it is necessary to deliver our service).

Can I book the same day as my flight?

Bookings must be done online the day before. In case you missed the deadline, please contact us (contact@eelway.com) so we can arrange something if possible.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Several cases can happen.

1. You are leaving Paris or Lyon but your flight is delayed : in this case, nothing changes, you still have to go to the airport at the same time for your check-in. Our Eelway concierge will wait for you with your luggage at the agreed time.

2. You are going away but your flight is cancelled: please contact our client support so we can arrange the best way for us to deliver your luggage at your home, hotel or at the airport.

3. Your flight arrival has been delayed and you booked a transfer : don't worry, our concierge will wait for you at the airport to collect your luggage.

Can I view my previous bookings?

All your bookings are saved and viewable by signing into our website.

I have a question about my booking?

You can follow, modify or cancel your booking from our website. You can also contact us :
Email: contact@eelway.com
Facebook: EELWAY
Twitter: @eelway_official
Google Plus: EELWAY

Will my luggage be secured?

We take the safety of your luggage very seriously.

Each luggage is sealed.

Our couriers are specially selected and trained to take care of your belongings.

Your luggage is kept in a secured storage while you are visiting Paris or Lyon.

What happens if my luggage arrives after my departure?

To avoid such a situation, delevery time has to be set at least 2 hours before your departure. In this exceptional situation, we will refund you for booking. An Eelway team member will contact you to organize an express delivery to your chosen location. You will be kept up-to-date about the delivery, every step of the way.

What happens if something is lost or broken?

Our service is insured by Helvetia. In this exceptional situation, please contact us contact@eelway.com..

Please note that we insure your bags up to 5 000€ when they are sealed by an Eelway employee. After receiving your claim, you will be reimbursed accordingly.

How can I pay?

Payment is required at the booking stage. We accept most debit cards and can - if you prefer - store the card details to facilitate future bookings.

Do you home deliver?

Yes, as long as there is someone there to receive. Our courier will arrive in the 30 minutes time period you selected when booking the transfer. Just make sure someone will be present during this period.

Can you take sport equipment?

Yes - golf clubs, kitesurfing gear, musical instruments, your equipment will be handled gently for the same price of a common bag.

Is there a limit on the number of bags or dimensions?

We can take as many bags as you want.

The maximum weight for a bag is 32kgs and maximum length is 200cm. If you are travelling with an oversized luggage, please let us know (contact@eelway.com) so we can arrange something easy for you.

Can you store luggage for a short or long period of time?

Yes, we can store your luggage. A cost of 5€ per night of storage is added to your command.

For example, you have three bags you want us to pick-up one day and deliver the following morning at the airport, cost will then be 55€ (50€ for the three bags and 5€ for the night of storage).

Can I leave my bag at the airport and recover it there later in the day ?

Yes we can store your luggage a few hours. Please contact us so we can arrange something else that works for you : contact@eelway.com

What happens if I am absent during the hours I chose for collection?

In this case, an Eelway team member will contact you to arrange a new collection time. A fee may be applied.

Where can I collect my luggage at the airport or train station ?

During the booking stage, you select the airport terminal or train station you want us to deliver your luggage to. An Eelway concierge will wait for you at the check-in desk or your train's platform.

All important information (rendez-vous point, map, time, phone number and email) will be given to you so you can be rest assured that your luggage is in safe hands.

If you are late, don't panic ! Your Eelway concierge waits for you.