No luggage. No cry.

You canu2019t travel without your luggage. But your luggage is not necessary at all time. Whether you are traveling for with you family, or you are on a romantic weekend, or just in town for a business trip, it even can become a real burden and spoil your day. We have all met this uncomfortable situation when we must check-out in the morning, but the flight is scheduled in the evening, and we donu2019t know what to do with our luggage for the whole day. And yet, it has been a very long time since anything really changed. Thatu2019s why we decided to find a solution to this situation.

It would be useful, wouldnu2019t it? You leave your luggage in some place, and get it back somewhere else.

Thereu2019s just one problem you may have noticed: teleportation doesnu2019t really exist yetu2026 But, hereu2019s the good news: we found a more realistic and even more useful solution: a personal concierge service. Itu2019s almost like teleportation: In a matter of seconds, you choose where and when you want to leave your luggage, and where and when you want to get it back. Your concierge Eelway will come to collect it and move it to the place you chose.

We know, itu2019s a bit less futuristic than teleportation, but it comes with a great bonus (in addition to, well, be real): your concierge Eelway is a real human (we promise we wonu2019t hire robots) who is here for you. You can contact him whenever you want, he will do everything possible to make your arrival and departure as enjoyable as possible, and will be able to answer all your questions to help you make the best of your stay.