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Bag drop-off anywhere in Paris, its airports and train stations

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

How does it work ?

Discover a new way to drop-off your bags in the French capital

Why do you need a bag drop-off?

Select your specific case :

My bag drop-off service is wherever I need it

Whatever the place you are in Paris (Roissy-CDG or Orly aiport, train stations etc.) you can drop-off your bags with Eelway service. Try a new way to store your luggage.

My bags are delivered wherever I stay

While you enjoy your day, your luggage is stored then delivered where you need it in Paris (home, hotel, rental...). Do not be bothered with your bags anymore.

Drop-off your bags at your doorstep

With Eelway baggage drop-off service, you can leave your bags anywhere in Paris at the doorstep of your appartment or the frontdesk of your hotel. Discover an innovative way to enjoy each minute of your stay.

Get them back wherever you need

Thanks to Eelway, your bags are transfered to the place you need in Paris, for example, at the airport before your flight or train departure.

Drop-off your bags for a few days

Eelway bag drop-off service works the same way as if you store your luggage just one day or a few. An Eelway concierge meets you to collect and store your baggage in a secured warehouse.

Without any bag, it is more convenient

When you want to get your bags back, an Eelway concierge meets you to deliver them at the place and the time of your choice. If you have a change in your plans, just contact our customer service to reschedule your delivery as you want.


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How Eelway improves your stay in Paris?

Do not waste your time to drop-off your bags in a luggage locker where you need to go back and get them back. By using Eelway luggage service, you can enjoy Paris each minute because your bag drop-off meets you to collect then to deliver your baggage.

Visiting Paris becomes easier because your bags are managed by professionnals. Thanks to Eelway, you can enjoy Paris being without thinking about your belongings.

Do not stress anymore by thieves or pick-pockets. Thanks to Eelway, you do not have to carry your bags in the metro or suburb train. Your luggage is stored in a safe place and transported by secure and reputable carriers.


Train stations and airports

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