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Bag lockers in Paris, its airports and its railway stations

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

How does it work ?

Try Eelway bag lockers on demand

A bag locker service in Paris that is tailored for me

Select your specific case :

My bag locker in Paris when I arrive

When you get off your plane, your train or your bus, you can drop-off you bags to an Eelway concierge. Your luggage can be delivered anywhere in Paris! It is better than a bag locker.

My bags delivered everywhere in Paris

While you enjoy the French capital city, your bags are stored then delivered wherever you want in Paris and its near suburbs, even in nay airports, in train stations or at your hotel.

A tailored bag locker

Wherever you are, you can use the Eelway bag locker service. Our concierges collect your luggage at the doorstep of your hotel, rental. This allows you to enjoy your stay hands-free.

My bag locker follows me anywhere in Paris

You can store your bags in a train station or an airport, Eelway bag locker service delivers your baggage the same day or a few days later wherever you want.

I easily store my bags for a few days

Do you want a bag locker for several days? Eelway baggage service works the same way. Choose the place and the time of your bag deposit. An Eelway concierge meets you to collect your luggage and store it.

No need to move, my bag locker is everywhere

If you know the date and the place of your pick-up, you can specify them on your booking. If not, specify them later on, you can change them with our customer service when you know them.


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How Eelway bag locker can simplify your stay in Paris?

When you travel, you often have bag troubles at the check-in or check-out of your hotel or your rental. You arrive in Paris too early or late in Paris to leave your luggage where you stay. Eelway bag lockers are here to deal with this issue.

Thanks to Eelway storage service, you can leave your baggage anywhere and anytime then get it back later anywhere else. This is perfect to enjoy your first or last day in Paris without carrying your luggage.

Do you want to store an oversized luggage, sports gear or boxes? Eelway takes in charge all baggage regardless its size or weight at the same rate. Available 7 days a week from 6am to 11pm, Eelway bag lockers are anywhere in Paris (airports, train stations, home, hotels, rentals etc.)


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