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Baggage Drop-off in Paris - Easiest Baggage storage service

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

How does it work ?

Drop-off service available anywhere in Paris and its airports, train stations

Most secured Baggage storage service in Paris

Select your specific case :

Arrival in Paris

Our concierge waits for you at your arrival in Paris to manage your baggage pick-up at your bus station, at the airport terminal of your choice (Orly or Charles de Gaulles - CDG) or in a train station.

Baggage delivery anywhere in Paris

Totally secured, we store your baggage at our warehouse as long as you want. Our concierge delivers them to you at the time and the address you defined in advance: home, hotel, rental, business office, another train station or airport in Paris.

My baggage drop-off in Paris

Our concierge is at the meeting point you choose from 6am to 11pm, anywhere you want: hotel, rental, business office, train station or in an airport in Paris.

My baggage are delivered anywhere you want

Just choose the address where you want to be delivered in Paris, our concierge meets you at the meeting point. Your identity will be checked before giving you back your belongings.

Drop-off anywhere in Paris

We have several warehouses in Paris dedicated to our baggage drop-off service. Totally secured, only our carrier team has their access. Without limit of size of your baggage, we are able to carry and store a bicycle or even a kayak without extra charges.

Storage and delivery anywhere you want in Paris

You set up the meeting point in Paris and its suburb and the time slot you want to get back your belongings.


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Where are the baggage drop-off meeting points?

The Baggage drop-off service with Eelway can be done anywhere in Paris and its suburbs, including the train stations and the airports (Orly and Charles de Gaulle - CDG). One of our concierge will be present at the meeting point you decided (even in front of your house/rental or your hotel) to collect your belongings, store them and deliver them to you where and when you need.

Do not waste your time with your baggage in Paris. Enjoy your stay in Paris without loosing any minute to visit monuments, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in a terrace or a good restaurant, we are here to manage your luggage. Our service is available anywhere in Paris: airports (CDG, ORLY), train and bus stations, in front of your hotel, rental or even in front of your house.

Thanks to Eelway, you can enjoy each minute without carrying your luggage all over Paris. With Eelway, enjoy fully freedom of movement in Paris!


Train stations and airports

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