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The easiest way to use a baggage locker service anywhere in Paris

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

How does it work ?

Service available anywhere in the city of Paris and its suburbs

The baggage locker service you need in Paris

Select your specific case :

My mobile baggage locker in Paris

I drop-off my baggage anywhere in Paris and its airports, train and bus stations. My belongings are sealed and secured by an Eelway concierge.

Baggage transfer in Paris

I collect my baggage the same day or after a period of storage in one secured luggage warehouse anywhere I want in Paris. It can be in front of my hotel, rental (ie. AirBnB) or even at my business office.

Baggage locker in Paris

At the day of my departure, I give my baggage to a dedicated Eelway concierge before checking-out of my hotel or my rental. I just enjoy my last day in Paris without thinking about my belongings before my flight or my train.

I get my baggage back at my place of departure

My concierge delivers my baggage at the terminal of my departure (if it is at Orly or CDG airport) or at a meeting point in train/bus stations in Paris.

Baggage storage service in Paris

I choose the location in Paris where my Eelway concierge takes care of my baggage. All my belongings are sealed by Eelway in order to secure and track them.

My baggage delivery anywhere in Paris

I choose the date and the location where I want to get my baggage back in Paris and its airports. There is no dimension restrictions for the transfer and storage.


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Why is it a good idea to choose choosing the Eelway Mobile Baggage locker service from Eelway?

Because the Eelway service for your baggage is based on transferring your belongings from and to anywhere in Paris at any time. You have a concierge who collects your luggage, seal it and store it in a secured warehouse in Paris.

The delivery of your belongings is simple, you choose where you want to get your baggage back: at the same place you dropped them off or in another place in Paris.

We are available anywhere in Paris and its inner suburb, in main airports (Charles-de-Gaulle - CDG and Orly - ORY) and all TGV and RATP stations (subway and communter train stations). 7 days a week from 6am to 11pm, you are never alone with Eelway Mobile baggage locker service.


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