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Luggage transfer in the train stations and hotels of Paris.

7/7 • from 7AM to 10PM

Enjoy each moment in Paris without having to carry your baggage thanks to the Eelway transfer service

1. Book

Book your luggage storage and transfer online, in less than 5 minutes

2. Drop

Luggage is sealed then transferred to a secured warehouse before delivery

3. Collect

Get your luggage back anywhere and anytime you want, stations and airports included.

Enjoy your stay without your luggage

Transfer your luggage between the train station and your hotel

Select your specific case :

I transfer my luggage from the station

Available in all Paris train stations (including bus stations). You drop off your luggage to an Eelway concierge as soon as you get off the train. Eelway concierges are recognizable by their yellow tshirt.

My luggage is transferred to my hotel

While you are enjoying your time visiting Paris or doing your appointments, your suitcases are stored and transferred to your hotel

I deposit my luggage at the reception of my hotel

You can drop off your luggage at the reception of your hotel or directly with an Eelway concierge at the time of your choice. Your luggage will be stored until you need it.

My luggage is transferred to the station before my departure

Your suitcases are transferred to the station of your choice and are handed over to you before the departure of your train. No need to take a taxi!

I stay a few days or more in Paris...

Whether you make a long stopover or you leave a few days outside Paris and you do not need all your luggage. The Eelway transfer service picks up your bags anywhere in Paris to store them.

... I want to store some of my luggage.

When you need it, your luggage is unstocked and delivered to the place and time of your choice. If you don't know where and when you want to be delivered, you can change your reservation until the day before of the pick-up.


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Do not choose between enjoying Paris and carrying your suitcases, transfer them

The Eelway luggage transfer service allows you to enjoy Paris at any time without luggage clutter. You can drop-off your luggage to an Eelway concierge, no matter where you are in Paris.

Available in all railway stations of Paris (Austerlitz, Bercy, Est, Nord, Montparnasse, Saint Lazare) and also in the bus stations (Bercy, Porte Maillot) and Marne-la-Vallée TGV station.

Thanks to Eelway luggage transfer, you do not have to carry your bags anymore. You drop it off as soon as you arrive in Paris in the station of your choice and you get them back at your hotel or your rental anywhere in Paris.

Luggage storage & transfer From/To

Paris Train stations and airports

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