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Luggage Storage Facilities in Gare du Nord Railway Station

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

7/7 • from 6AM to 11PM

How does it work ?

The Easiest way to Store my Luggage in Gare du Nord

Luggage Storage in Gare du Nord - How does it work?

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Luggage Storage in Gare du Nord

An Eelway concierge collects my belongings at my arrival in Gare du Nord. I do not need to find a Luggage Storage Facility because someone is here for me. My belongings are sealed in order to be tracked during the storage.

Getting my Luggage Back

I get my luggage back at Gare du Nord station or get them delivered anywhere in Gare du Nord (hotel, rental, CDG/Orly Airports or another railway station).

Before my Departure at Gare du Nord

An Eelway concierge collects my luggage at the desk reception or directly at my hotel, rental or any airports and railway stations in Gare du Nord. She/he seals it for the storage and transfer.

Get my luggage back at the Station

I get delivered at a meeting point in Gare du Nord station before the departure of my train. My concierge checks my ID before giving me back the luggage and removes the seals.

Luggage storage and transfer in Gare du Nord

My concierge can collects my luggage in Gare du Nord or wherever I want in Gare du Nord and its airports. I can store my luggage for a few hours, days or even months.

Get my Luggage back at Gare du Nord

I get my bags back at the railway station of "Gare du Nord". The concierge waits for me to deliver it before my departure or upon my arrival in the station. After checking my identity, my bags are unsealed and I am ready to go.


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Is there a luggage storage in Gare du Nord? Yes but luggage lockers are not really convenient…

Try an innovative & easy way to store your baggage in Gare du Nord, the Eelway luggage storage service!

Eelway concierges wait for you at the foot of your train to pick up or drop off your bags. You will no longer need to look for a luggage keeper everywhere, Eelway luggage storage comes to you!

Book quickly your luggage storage in Gare du Nord & Enjoy your day hassle-free!


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