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Are you looking to ship at the best price from Belgium to Morocco? Get a quote for free and send your belongings, luggage and bags, thanks to our door-to-door delivery service from Belgium to Morocco.

Sending your luggage to Morocco or shipping a parcel with Eelway will help you being stress free when it comes to international delivery. Eelway delivery service to Morocco is an easy, secure and fast process. We will manage the collection and the shipping of your luggage from A to Z from Belgium to Morocco.

Shipping your luggage from Belgium to Morocco could be sum up in 4 easy steps :
  1. Get a quote right now by using our search engine just below
  2. Find the baggage transport options from Belgium to Morocco that suits you best
  3. A carrier will collect your luggage with care at your door in Belgium
  4. Travel light to Morocco! We will deliver it at the desired address in Morocco
Sending your luggage from Belgium to Morocco is as simple as that!
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How to ship your luggage from Belgium to Morocco?

A 3 steps process to get your luggage delivered door-to-door from Belgium to Morocco!

1. Book online

2. We ship

3. You receive your bags

Why shipping your luggage from Belgium to Morocco?

There could exist various of reasons that make you consider sending your bulky luggage from Belgium to Morocco. There is no doubt that if you are a student going abroad for a semester or moving with your family to Morocco, the baggage allowance of your airline company will be too restrictive. This is why Eelway is helping you. You could have different situations during wich you would love for your luggage to be shipped for you :

  • You want to send your luggage to study in Morocco
  • You want to ship your belongings while moving with your family to Morocco
  • You want to send a voluminous gift to a relative located in Morocco
  • You need shipping for an international sport competition in Morocco

How long it takes to deliver your luggage to Morocco?

Sending a packages with luggage or bags from Belgium to Morocco can take several days. The shipment depends on the distance between the initial address of collection in Belgium and the adress of delivery in Morocco. If these addresses are located close to major roads in the country, then our carrier will have much more facility to send the luggage to their country hubs. To have a better idea of the timing of delivery, feel free to verify in our booking system how many days it takes to ship for you in Morocco.

How much it cost to send bags from Belgium to Morocco?

Thanks to our booking system, it will be fast and easy for you to get a quote and prices for your delivery from Belgium to Morocco. All you have to do is enter your address of collection in Belgium, a date of collection and the address of delivery in Belgium. You will get a list of prices with different options : low cost for an economic way to send your luggage to Morocco, plus Premium options if you want your bags to be delivered to you as soon as possible. Express delivery from Belgium to Morocco is always more expensive because of the short time of transportation. Our prices include insurance for your luggage.

What are the different ways of shipping from Belgium to Morocco?

You can ship your luggage door-to-door in various ways. Indeed, our carriers have different transport modes, from the Sea freight to Air freight. Depending on your country of destination, you will probably opt for one of these option to send your bulky luggage, either it is for a occasional need or an international removal. Sea freight is generally used to transport very large items to Morocco. It is commonly known that sea freight is longer than air freight. At Eelway, we work with fast carriers that send your luggage from Belgium to Morocco trough air or roads routes.

You want to send heavy luggage from Belgium to Morocco? Relax. We ship your bulky items for you.

No weight limit

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your luggage

Your luggage

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How to pack your luggage for a shipment from Belgium to Morocco?

You plan to send luggage, whether it is suitcases, leather luggage, bicycles, golf clubs or other sports equipment from Belgium to Morocco. There are several things to check before our carrier take care of your luggage. First and foremost, your piece of luggage must be strongly packed. We must to remind you that your luggage will be sent in tanks during its journey from Belgium to Morocco. It will be placed between other lugagge and parcels, mainly packed in heavy and strong cardboard boxes. If you want to ship fragile luggage from Belgium to Morocco, consider protecting in cardboard boxes, and secure the inside of your package with newsprint cardboard or polystyrene for exemple. Secondly, in order to send your luggage from Belgium to Morocco, you need to read carefully the list of prohibited items for importation in Morocco. It is commonly known that a number of items are prohibited, quarantined or even confiscated by customs once arrived in Morocco. Among them, here are the items we will not be able to ship for you : weapons, medicines, perishable foods, drugs, animal products, aerosols, cash, dangerous goods, counterfeit goods, certain plants and plant products that may carry pests or harmful to the local ecosystem, liquids, and obviously passports or other confidential personal documents. In case of doubt, feel free to contact our customer support directly in the chat window. Or call us to get some help!

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Thank you to the Eelway staff who assisted us from booking to actual pick up... special thanks to Michael, our assigned concierge, who was so nice and made sure our luggages were safe.

Grace A. October 2018


Accurate and punctual at a really affordable cost given the service they provide. To be recommended. I experienced it yesterday. Quick and easy booking. Constant information.

Patrizia C. September 2018

What can you ship from Belgium to Morocco?

Luggage shipping from Belgium to Morocco

Send your heavy suitcases and bulky bags from Belgium to Morocco. Your travel to Morocco will so relaxing without being loaded with luggage and belongings. Send unaccompanied baggage from Belgium to Morocco and don't pay excess baggage fees to your airline. Our cheap courrier delivery service to :country is fast and easy.

Parcel delivery from Belgium to Morocco

Send your package easily from Belgium to to your loved ones in Morocco. Get a quote and book our fast courier delivery service from Belgium to Morocco to send any kind of items. If your parcel is a big box, a package or a small parcel, we negotiate with the best and cheaper parcel couriers as FedEx, DHL or UPS to provide a fast and cheap parcel shipping from Belgium to Morocco. And of course, track your shipment with our delivery services.

Bike shipping from Belgium to Morocco

Ship your bike from Belgium to Morocco with Eelway. We will collect it directly at the front of your door in Morocco and will drop it with care and right on time in :froumCountryLong. If you want to ride peacefully in Morocco without worrying about the travel of your bicycle, we are here to help you.Enjoy your bike for a competition, a special event or your holidays in Morocco. You can even use our bike shipping service from Belgium to Morocco to sell your bike or send it to a specialized bicycle repairer.

Instruments shipping from Belgium to Morocco

Ship your electronic keyboard, your piano, your guitar, your drums or any instrument you want from Belgium to Morocco. The international delivery of your instrument from Belgium to Morocco will be fast, secure and at a low price. Don't worry, we are also music lover and will take care of your guitar or keyboard while shipping it from Belgium to Morocco ! Enjoy to play your instrument directly while you arrive in Morocco. You can also ship an instrument that you want to sell or buy.

Golf clubs delivery from Belgium to Morocco

Book our international golf bag and golf clubs delivery Belgium to Morocco and enjoy your travel without being loaded with your golf equipment. We ship your excess baggage and your golf equipment directly to your final destination in Morocco (hotel, flat, work...) so you don't have to pay excess baggage fees to your airline company. Travel Hassle-Free and send your golf equipment Belgium to Morocco. When you arrive in your destination, you will enjoy to have nothing to do except playing golf.

Ski shipping from Belgium to Morocco

Send your snowboard and your ski equipment Belgium to Morocco at a low price. We will manage your skis with care and deliver it quickly Belgium to Morocco. The collection of your snowboard will be at the front of your door in Belgium. It could be at your work, home or hotel. And we deliver it right on time in Morocco. So, don't spoil your trip with your skis or snowboard and book our fast and affordable ski shipping to Belgium to Morocco. Even if you don't travel to Morocco, we can ship your skis directly at the address of one your friends or one of your customers.

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