Luggage storage Los Angeles

Luggage storage Los Angeles

Are you looking for a luggage storage in Los Angeles? Drop off your bags or suitcases in our partner network of shops and hotels. Enjoy your stay hands-free after storing your luggage in our left-luggage secure facility and enjoy Los Angeles.

With Eelway, let professionals watch over your luggage while you discover Los Angeles. There is no minimum or maximum storage time, drop off your luggage and bags for a few hours or even a few days in our locker. Most of our luggage storage in Los Angeles are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How does our luggage storage work in Los Angeles?
  • Find the perfect luggage storage near you in Los Angeles
  • Drop off your bag in our left-luggage service
  • Enjoy Los Angeles luggage-free
Have a nice stay in Los Angeles!
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How to use our luggage storage in Los Angeles?

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Awesome service - used in the first time in La Rochelle after finding on google. Would recommend to avoid getting stuck with luggage to cart around and will use again!

Chels Sunderland September 2019


Outstanding company with a precise delivery! Good service, always sending updates! Will surely use it again! Well done Eelway

Marco Petti January 2019


I have used this service twice now in the last year - both times without any issue. It has left me free to check out of an air bnb and still have a day in Paris without luggage.

Beth Thompson October 2018


So simple and stress free! Excellent service - thank you for helping me with my heavy bags, it gave me and extra day to explore Paris before my evening flight.

Carrie-Anne Wagner September 2018


Great service and it sure beats dragging your suitcases down crowded narrow sidewalks in Paris.

Richard Tom September 2018


Excellent service and very helpful people!!!

Andri Theodorou August 2019


This service is amazing!! Definitely worth it!!

Jemima De León July 2018


Great service. Made first day a delight.

Larry Rocamora June 2018


Excellent service! Would 100% recommend. The booking process is quick and easy.

Tracy Kinealy June 2018


Fabulous, fabulous service! Excellent communication, kindness and promptness! Would recommend and use this service again and again!

Sheila A Nash May 2018


great service, fast ,friendly staff,highly recommended

Amirhossein Khademi April 2018


Really great service, very convenient, good value, with prompt and helpful staff. A real lifesaver!

Alaina Jensen April 208


Where can you store luggage in Los Angeles?
Thanks to our wide network in Los Angeles, you can store luggage or items in various secure spots near you. Just do on a research on our website to find the nearest luggage storage in Los Angeles. Enjoy Los Angeles hands-free !

What is the price for a luggage storage in Los Angeles ?
We charge you only 10$ per bag per day in Los Angeles. Of course, the price is decreasing according to the number of bags and days of storage. And all the items are insured by Helvetia Insurance, our special insurance.

What can you store in our left-luggage facilities?
There is no size restriction in our left-luggage facilities in Los Angeles. You can drop off all kinds of luggage. However, if you want to store a large item, as a bike, please contact us by chat beforehand.

How long can you store a luggage in Los Angeles ?
You can store your luggage as long as you want ! Just select the pick-up and drop-off dates and hours of your choice on our website. And don't worry, you can modify your booking for free.

How can I find the nearest luggage storage in Los Angeles?
You just have to go on and do a research. You will see all our luggage storage facilities in Los Angeles.

Learn more about the city of Los Angeles

As the flagship city of the United States, it is therefore very likely that you already know much of Los Angeles for adaptations for movies, television, videos or even famous video games.
In addition, there are many attractions to do in Los Angeles, where life is good, such as the Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland or Beverly Hills. You may also want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the city.

As you can imagine, this is a very popular destination, so it may be that when you arrive, there will be lots of people in transit and it will be difficult to get around with your bags and luggage.
That's why Eelway offers you its left-luggage service in Los Angeles to allow you to leave and put down your bags, luggage and suitcases to make sure you don't lose or forget your belongings.

It's easy: Go to and book your luggage storage in Los Angeles now!

Why drop off your luggage in Los Angeles?

You arrive in Los Angeles and are overwhelmed by your bulky suitcases and backpacks?
It is possible that when you arrive at the station or the Airport, there will be people and you will be rushed.
And if that happens, it is risky to lose your luggage because of all this, you will not know how to go and will be stressed.

And it is even possible that you are too busy with your stuff when you want to do an activity, such as visit the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

So once you have booked your luggage storage at Los Angeles, all you have to do is to leave your luggage in luggage storage at Los Angeles with Eelway, and you can enjoy the city and the visits or walks directly, all while being relaxed!

Why choose Eelway lockers in Los Angeles?

Thanks to our hotel and retail partners, we can offer left-luggage service that are very different from station, airport or automatic luggage storage because by storing your luggage with Eelway, your bags and suitcases are in a closed and secure place.
So you can store your bikes, paddles, or even surfboards and golf clubs!

What can we store in Eelway luggage lockers?

Here is an example of what you can store in our left-luggage lockers:

  • Suitcases of all sizes
  • Bags of all sizes
  • Sports equipment (surfboard, golf bags, bike...)

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to use the live chat with our customer service in the lower right corner of our website.

What are the opening hours of the Eelway luggage lockers?

At Eelway, we strive to work with hotel and retail partners to provide you with an optimal service that meets your expectations.
Aware of the need to store your luggage at any time of the day, most of our lockers are therefore open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What are the other options for storing your luggage in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles International Airport

Left-luggage lockers are available at Los Angeles International Airport through LAX Luggage Storage.

Storage price according to the format of the objects
Small items$10 / day / item
Average objects$12 / day / object
Special items$15 / day / item

Special items include golf clubs, guitars, boxes, surfboards, skis, snowboards and bicycles.

Support prices per service
Curbside Pick-Up Terminal$5 per object
Curbside Drop-Off Terminal$5 per object
Free automatic locker collectionFree of charge
Free automatic locker recoveryFree of charge

Thus, it is because there is a size limit and special items are charged at a higher price that we advise you to opt for an Eelway luggage locker in Los Angeles so that you do not have these storage or additional invoicing limits.

Visit our website now to leave your luggage at other locations in Los Angeles, such as Dodger Stadium.

What to do in Los Angeles?

Once you have left your luggage in Eelway lockers at Los Angeles, you can relax and enjoy Los Angeles in complete peace of mind, without any stress!
So Eelway has prepared a short list of activities around the city of Los Angeles, which is as follows:

  • Venice Beach Boardwalk
    With its many shops and magnificent seaside, the Venice Beach promenade is a visit not to be missed! You can also pass the Santa Monica Pier if you pass by there!

  • Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame
    Who has never dreamed of stepping on a star in the name of a famous star, like Michael Jackson, worldwide on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame? With its cinemas, shopping malls and Grauman's Chinese Theatre, this boulevard is a must visit in Los Angeles!

  • Griffith Park and its observatory
    Located on the south side of Mount Lee, just next to the Hollywood Panel, this observatory offers a surprising view of the entire city. It is very popular among those who like to watch the stars.

  • The Hollywood panel
    Did you know that his letters were actually intended for a new real estate program, and that they were to disappear? They were finally saved by the Chamber of Commerce in 1949, and became a historical-cultural monument in Los Angeles. These letters, known all over the world, for their fame but also for their reappropriation, such as "Hollyweed" (Vote by referendum on the recreational use of marijuana), "Bollywood" (Indian music film industry), or "Vinewood" (Famous Rockstar video game, name used in the Grand Theft Auto license: San Andreas, or Grand Theft Auto V). You have understood it, they should not be forgotten during your trip!

  • Warner Bros Studios
    Want to visit Warner Bros. Studios to see behind the scenes of your favorite movies? Then this attraction is for you! Nevertheless, count around 50 to 75€ for a Studio Tour.

For more information on the activities to be done in Los Angeles, and on the city itself, visit the official website of the United States Tourist Office.

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