Luggage storage Nantes Train Station

Luggage storage Nantes Train Station

For holidays, weekend or for work, you will soon visit Nantes? Thanks to Eelway, let your luggage be handled by professionals in the tourism industry. Free yourself from your luggage to be able to enjoy your stay in Nantes. Our luggage storage near the Nantes Train Station will allow you to store your luggage and your bags in hotels ideally located in the city centre. You will no longer have to carry your luggage with your arms once you arrive in Nantes Train Station ! How does the Eelway luggage storage service work near the Nantes Train Station?
  • 1. Book your luggage storage near the Nantes Train Station by clicking here
  • 2. Go to the reception of our partner hotel to drop off your luggage.
  • 3. Come and pick up your bags or luggage at the reception after visiting Nantes hands free!
Eelway's partner hotels keep an eye on your luggage 7 days a week in fully secured areas.

Here is a list of all the cities where you will find Eelway luggage storage: our cities. We invite you to check in our booking engine that we already offer luggage storage services close to the Nantes Train Station. If you do not find a locker near the Nantes Train Station, please be aware that we will take your search into consideration and do our best to offer a luggage storage facility as soon as possible. For any other questions, go to our help center by clicking here.

Enjoy your stay in Nantes!
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How to use our luggage storage near Nantes Train Station?

1. Book online

2. Drop-off

3. Enjoy

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Awesome service - used in the first time in La Rochelle after finding on google. Would recommend to avoid getting stuck with luggage to cart around and will use again!

Chels Sunderland September 2019


Outstanding company with a precise delivery! Good service, always sending updates! Will surely use it again! Well done Eelway

Marco Petti January 2019


I have used this service twice now in the last year - both times without any issue. It has left me free to check out of an air bnb and still have a day in Paris without luggage.

Beth Thompson October 2018


So simple and stress free! Excellent service - thank you for helping me with my heavy bags, it gave me and extra day to explore Paris before my evening flight.

Carrie-Anne Wagner September 2018


Great service and it sure beats dragging your suitcases down crowded narrow sidewalks in Paris.

Richard Tom September 2018


Excellent service and very helpful people!!!

Andri Theodorou August 2019


This service is amazing!! Definitely worth it!!

Jemima De León July 2018


Great service. Made first day a delight.

Larry Rocamora June 2018


Excellent service! Would 100% recommend. The booking process is quick and easy.

Tracy Kinealy June 2018


Fabulous, fabulous service! Excellent communication, kindness and promptness! Would recommend and use this service again and again!

Sheila A Nash May 2018


great service, fast ,friendly staff,highly recommended

Amirhossein Khademi April 2018


Really great service, very convenient, good value, with prompt and helpful staff. A real lifesaver!

Alaina Jensen April 208


Is their a place to store luggage near Nantes Train Station ?
You can book a luggage storage near Nantes Train Station easily on our website. We work with local shops and hotels that allow our customers to store their luggage in secure space. So, enjoy Nantes Train Station without luggage !

What is the price to store a luggage near Nantes Train Station ?
We charge you only 10€ per bag per day. Of course, the price is decreasing according to the number of bags and days of storage. And all the items are insured by Helvetia Insurance, our special insurance.

What can you store in our left-luggage facility ?
There is no size restriction in our left-luggage facilities near Nantes Train Station. You can drop off all kinds of luggage. However, if you want to store a large item, as a bike, please contact us by chat beforehand.

How long can you store a luggage near Nantes Train Station ?
You can store your luggage as long as you want ! Just select the pick-up and drop-off dates and hours of your choice on our website. And don't worry, you can modify your booking for free.

How can I find the nearest luggage storage near Nantes Train Station ?
You just have to go on and do a research. You will see all our luggage storage facilities near Nantes Train Station.

More information about luggage storage in Nantes

Are there any luggage storage in Nantes?

Nantes is a conurbation located on the southwestern part of the Armorican massif. It is a magnificent city, 6th in the ranking of the most populated cities in France with just over 625,000 inhabitants.Nantes is a city renowned, in particular for its advantageous geographical location and its proximity to the Loire. As a result, it has a very touristic port in which many old boats often come to moor. Nantes is a municipality with an architecture that spans many eras, which reflects a strong cultural, historical and architectural past. It is for this reason that in 1985 it obtained the label of city of art and history despite the urbanization work on the island of Nantes. Many monuments can justify this attribution, notably the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, Feydeau Island, the Pommeraye Passage, the LU Tower. Nantes is a city located not far from the Atlantic Ocean, its climate is of a temperate oceanic type. Nantes is a very accessible city, in fact it has a large number of means of transport, tramway, bus, airport, train stations... For the rest of France, it is connected to the main cities via a very dense and complete road network. No less than 2,500,000 tourists came to discover this incredible city. Upon arrival and departure, these travellers hope to use a baggage checkpoint to manage their baggage in order to avoid theft or loss. Eelwayhas planned everything to make your life easier. Our partner hotels are here to keep an eye on your luggage. Go to our Eelway baggage check-in platform now to make your reservation. Our hotel partners fully guarantee the security of your luggage, and you will be able to access it every day. We insure your luggage and seal it. Enjoy your stay without worrying about your luggage. At the Nantes baggage checkpoint, your bags and suitcases are safe !

Why would you drop your luggage in Nantes?

Finally arrived in Nantes? You have many hours to wait before your hotel room opens, without knowing what to do with your luggage and bags. It is always nice to be able to store your luggage without worrying about its safety in the luggage locker. And that's exactly what we offer to travellers. At Eelway we know from experience how difficult it is to get around Paris with your luggage, bags... The sidewalks, pedestrian crossings that are very busy for tourists, the tramway, and more represent a real obstacle course. This is why we advise you, upon arrival, to leave your luggage at one of our hotel lockers. Located in strategic areas, our instructions are at your disposal to relieve you of any congestion, source of fatigue and unnecessary stress, with the aim that you spend a pleasant moment in Nantes as soon as you arrive, without worrying about your luggage. It is thus in complete safety that you will have the opportunity to take pictures without risking having your suitcase stolen for lack of attention... Eelway is the right solution for you!

Does Nantes have its own luggage locker?

The city of Nantes does not currently have any baggage check-in services within its transport hubs. Either in his station and airport. A very useful service for travelers who do not wish to wait until their hotel room opens with their luggage. That's why Eelway offers this service to allow all these travelers to enjoy a satisfying travel experience.

Why use the Eelway luggage locker in Nantes?

The Eelway luggage locker is convenient for you to discover Nantes and its magnificent port while waiting for your hotel room to be vacated, or while waiting for your transfer. You no longer have to wait in the station or airport with your luggage becauseEelway is there to free you from your bags and other things. You will finally be able to take the time to discover Nantes and its secrets ! No more stress! Imagine yourself with your bulky suitcases moving around Nantes with difficulty, between pedestrians, cars, trams... so many constraints that will make your walk an unpleasant and stressful experience!

The advantage of an Eelway luggage locker in Nantes?

It's the geographical location! Our luggage lockers are always located in areas of high interest and convenience for travelers. The purpose of these baggage checks is to free you at an important time. As soon as you drop off, you will be free to do what you want without having to worry about your luggage, such as enjoying the shops without getting tired of your stuff. You will not have the stress of having your luggage stolen during a meal break, a photo shot of the sailing boats of the port of Nantes...

What are the prices and conditions of the Eelway baggage check in 2019 in Nantes?

Eelway's baggage lockers have a mission : to free the traveller from the stress of luggage and thus give travelers the opportunity to enjoy their stay to the fullest while waiting for their hotel room to be vacated. This is why we have decided to accept all types of luggage in our lockers. Whether they are small, medium or large, the rates are the same. As you will have understood, at Eelway, we accept all types of luggage. There are no weight or height restrictions.

What are the prices for checking your luggage at Eelway in Nantes?

An Eelway luggage deposit costs 10€. In these 10€ you will find a neat service accompanied by competent janitors always smiling and ready to take care of your luggage, bags and other belongings, and finally a high level of security!

What are the Eelway baggage check-in times in Nantes?

The vast majority of our baggage checkpoints ensure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability. Of course, our platform displays the availability of each of our storage locations in order to ensure you a maximum of information. But if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

What items can you leave in Eelway luggage lockers in Nantes?

Thus you can drop off your suitcases at eelway, but also parcels and other heavy and bulky objects that slow you down and restrict you when you want to make the most of your first or last day of stay. The advantage of this service is that the size restrictions are much more flexible than in a luggage locker service specific to a station, a tourist destination... Of course, if you want to entrust a good without knowing if it is accepted in our storage facilities, you can always contact our customer service at the following address or on the live chat available on the Eelway website

What are the steps in booking an Eelway luggage storage?

At eelway, booking a luggage locker to enjoy your stay in Nantes is very simple, here is the procedure to follow :

  • Go to, then choose the luggage check-in service. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to use the direct chat with our advisors at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then you choose the place, date and duration of your storage and click on the hotel deposit that suits you.
  • Last step, you fill in the contact details form - payment - and confirm.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email.

How to prepare your arrival in Nantes?

When you go on a trip, it is important to be well informed about many details about the place of stay. This avoids unpleasant surprises such as delays, losses, forgotten luggage on Nantes, doubt about the location of your eelway luggage deposit... So here's how to solve these problems :

  • To be informed of all that is means of payment, transport...
  • Make sure you have your own accommodation, the opening hours of the accommodation in relation to your arrival time, to determine if you need a baggage check to drop off your belongings.
  • Prepare in advance your tourist program in order to make the most of your stay in Nantes: tickets, prices...

Are Eelway baggage storage location secure?

  • At Eelway, our goal is to take care of your luggage !
  • Caretakers engaged and trained by Eelway
  • Sealed and secured luggage upon pick-up
  • Baggage insured by Helvetia Assurances, up to €1,000 per bag.

What to do around Nantes once your luggage has been placed in our instructions: our TOP5 of activities?

Once you are free of your luggage, you can visit Nantes quietly and do the most popular activities in the city, here are 5 of them:
  • Plant garden: A beautiful garden under the sun! A greenhouse, a few animals walking around, a stone's throw from the station, a delicious mix of calm and beauty.
  • The island of machines: an incredible place with many "living" creations in a mixture of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci. To see!
  • A drink at the nest: pay 1€ to go and have a drink on the 32nd floor? Why not let yourself be tempted by this cosy and impressive bar.
  • Cicada food: the most beautiful brewery in the world! No need to say more, but remember to book because places are scarce.
  • The Pommeraye Passage: A breathtaking glass-roofed passage! Statues, a magnificent staircase. Enough to get away with a few beautiful photos!

These places can all be visited on foot. Go to our booking engine to find the most accessible deposit for you, in order to deposit your luggage.

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