Consigna equipaje en Gare Chessy Marne-la-Vallée Estación

Consigna equipaje en Gare Chessy Marne-la-Vallée Estación

Our concierges meet you at the train station or your hotel within Disneyland to pick-up or drop-off your luggage. The Disneyland park is an amusement park with themes of Walt Disney Company situated in the Val d'Europe sector. Fly away for one magic journey through five fantastic Lands, filled with attractions, shows and parades. And the whole without luggage! Extend the experience by using Eelway: your concierge will drop off your suitcases directly to Disneyland or to the airport, train station in Paris when you will have to leave Disneyland.
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These guys are great. I called, and they showed up at my location within 15 minutes - later on, they delivered my bags to the airport right on time. They had great communication throughout the process and the customer service was top notch. I'd even have to say that when you look at the alternative of securing a locker and spending time /Uber Fare getting back and forth to the locker, that Eelway Is undercharging for the convenience and peace of mind that they offer.

Jeremy H. March 2017


They are very punctual and everything went well, I consider the price really reasonable. I'll recommend it to anyone

Anna H. March 2017