Long-Term-Luggage-Storage Paris

Long-Term-Luggage-Storage Paris

Looking for a long-term left-luggage storage service in Paris? Discover Eelway’s services to drop your luggage off for a long period wherever and whenever you want in Paris. The luggage transfer service between 2 addresses is included in the price of your luggage storage so do not hesitate to book it.

Eelway offers you more than a classical luggage service because you have the possibility to drop your luggage off at the airports and stations and get them back anywhere in Paris. Our concierges move everywhere in Île-de-France to collect your bags and store them in secured storage areas where only Eelway members have access. After a storage for a couple of days, you can be delivered back at the airport or at a station, a concierge will be waiting for you there.

Our long-term luggage storage service allows you to get rid of your goods. How does it work? One of our concierge comes to you to collect your luggage and deliver them back where and when you want. Book your long-term left-luggage storage service in Paris to enjoy your stay!

You have the possibility to drop your luggage off at the airports and stations. Find all the information you need in the airports and stations:

Book now your long-term luggage storage in Paris wherever and whenever you want in Paris.

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Using Eelway was hands down the best decision we made in Paris. My fiancé and I had two separate days in Paris when we didn't have a hotel or airbnb to keep our luggage in and wanted to be able to go to museums...

Meredith B. March 2018


I had been traveling in Europe for a week before a long stay in Paris, and needed to store my big suitcase. Eelway was a huge help. The picked my suitcase in the airport and a week later delivered it to my apartment...

Sergio. January 2018

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Looking for more than long-term-luggage-storage at Paris?

Send your luggage directly from your hotel to your home

Leave your luggage at the hotel reception, find it at home

Have your luggage transferred from your home to your hotel

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