Luggage storage Gare de Lyon Train Station

Luggage storage Gare de Lyon Train Station

Gare de Lyonis one of the major railway platforms in France. Located in the 12th arrondissement, it is located between the Quinze-Vingts and Bercy districts. International in scope, it represents the head of the TGV line linking the Rhône-Alpes region and the Mediterranean. It is an essential crossroads for travellers travelling to south-east France and to European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain. It remains accessible less than two hours from Lyon-Part-Dieu, three hours from Marseille-Saint-Charles and four hours from Aix-en-Provence. Passengers can find RER A and D, as well as RATP buses. They can also use metro lines 1 and 14. Air France coaches depart for Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. The Noctilian bus network also offers routes. In addition, Gare de Lyon is close to Gare de Paris-Austerlitz, located about 700 metres away. Gare de Lyon registers nearly a hundred million passengers annually. The vast majority of them want to free themselves from their luggage to take a walk on the banks of the Seine and discover the Place de la Bastille. On arrival and departure, they hope to take advantage of a consigne to manage their luggage in order to avoid their theft or loss. Eelway has planned everything to make your life easier. Our partner hotels near the Gare de Lyon to keep an eye on your luggage and suitcases. Go now to our platform deEelway baggage instructions to make your reservation. Our hotel partners fully guarantee the security of your luggage, and you will be able to access it every day. We insure your luggage and seal it. Enjoy your stay without worrying about your luggage. We take care of it!

Where is located the luggage locker at Gare de Lyon?

The luggage lockers proposed by La Gare de Lyon are located in Hall 3, under track N, near the exit rue de Bercy. The locker room is open every day from 6:15 am to 10:00 pm. But be careful, the number of lockers is limited and payment can only be made by cash.

What type of luggage can you leave in the Gare de Lyon lockers?

And in the Eelway luggage storage locations? At Gare de Lyon, you can store the following types of luggage:
  • cases
  • of packages
  • travel bags
  • In the Eelway luggage storage locations near Gare de Lyon, you can store all types of luggage

In the Eelway luggage lockers at our partner hotels, you can store much more than what you can find in the lockers at Lyon Station. What are the maximum dimensions for these types of luggage?

Here are the dimensions of the lockers available at Gare de Lyon

  • Small bin: Height: 433 mm, Width: 347 mm, Depth: 824 mm
  • Medium rack : Height : 591 mm, Width : 347 mm, Depth : 824 mm
  • Large bin : Height : 908 mm, Width : 519 mm, Depth : 824 mm
  • Eelway baggage lockers allow you to drop off baggage of all sizes, without restrictions.
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How to use our luggage storage near Gare de Lyon Train Station?

1. Book online

2. Drop-off

3. Enjoy

Storage available

7 days a week,
24 hours a day


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Your luggage

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We took care of their luggage


We were only in Paris for one day so had very little time for exploring, we didn't want to waste time finding somewhere to store our luggage. We used Eelway and it was so efficient and easy. The concierge was there to greet us when we got off our train, took our bags and then brought them to another train station that afternoon, it was all so easy! And great value. Thank you!!!

Rachelle D. December 2016


For those who are going to France and are looking at running around ParIs but have Tavel bags to contend with, Eelway is definitely the way to go. They were always in communication and checking to ensure we we confident in their service. Phone calls and e-mails before and throughout the day put us at ease. They were pleasant and very punctual. Thanks to you all.

Chris M. September 2016

Why store your luggage near Gare de Lyon ?

Paris is a densely populated city with major traffic areas, particularly near key points such as stations and airports. The Gare de Lyon is one of them and from experience we have found that it is very complicated to travel with suitcases and luggage of all kinds around the Gare de Lyon and in the city in general. The sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, heavy car traffic... All these factors will make your Paris crossing a living hell. Especially with bulky suitcases that cause tiredness and stress. By storing your belongings in our locker at Gare de Lyon, you can leave with peace of mind. Our luggage lockers are 100% secure and insured up to 1000€.

What luggage can you drop off at the Eelway Gare de Lyon locker ?

At Eelway, we accept all types of luggage regardless of size. For a budget of 10€ per unit over a period of 24 hours, we accept all your belongings. This is a single price applied to all our luggage lockers. When you arrive at Gare de Lyon, you have the choice between leaving your bags and suitcases in our luggage storage area at our nearest partner hotel, or asking one of our concierges to pick up your belongings directly at the station and bring them to the partner hotel in question.

What can you leave in the Gare de Lyon locker room ?

Gare de Lyon has its own luggage storage service. This service allows three types of business :

  • Suitcases
  • Bags
  • Packages

However, not all sizes are accepted, and the specific locker rates at Lyon Station vary according to the size of the locker(s) you wish to book :

height mm width mm Depth mm Price
Small bin 433 347 824 5,50€
Average locker5913478247,50€
Large bin 9085198249,50€

The prices of the luggage storage area at Gare de Lyon are defined for a period of 24 hours.

What are the rates and services of Eelway's luggage storage near Lyon Station ?

At Eelway, we pay particular attention to your belongings, whether they are bags, suitcases, parcels...! For this reason we have various services to facilitate and make your stay as pleasant as possible from start to finish ! Our luggage lockers are available from 10€ per luggage / day.

What are the activities to be done around Lyon Station ?

Gare de Lyon is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, a dynamic and pleasant district. It is even more so when you can walk it without suitcases and bulky luggage. There are many activities, bars, restaurants and shops around Gare de Lyon. You can discover them as soon as you get out without having to take the subway or public transport. From the green flow to the great restaurant of the blue train through the unusual rue de Paris Crémieux. You are sure you will not be bored. Don't forget either the charming alleys of the Cour Saint-Emilion or the terrace on the Seine du wanderlust.

What are the advantages of consigning your luggage near Gare de Lyon ?

Apart from the fact that our luggage service is useful to enjoy Paris without being cluttered with luggage, luggage and other items, we pay particular attention to the choices of our partner hotels. We make sure that your luggage and suitcases have an appropriate storage area that is 100% secure! We insure your luggage up to 1000€ but this could be despite a low level of security. This is not the case, so rest assured, all our luggage partners are 100% reliable. Fill up with Parisian memories without your luggage !

How to leave the station after leaving your luggage in the luggage locker ?

Once your business is safe in our nearest luggage locker at Gare de Lyon, a question you can ask yourself if you don't know Paris is how to leave Gare de Lyon ? Metro bus :

  • RATP and SNCF bus - Tel: 3246

Approximately 10 RATP bus lines are located near Gare de Lyon. Stop in front of the station.

  • Metro - Tel: 3246

The station is connected by metro lines 1 and 14 as well as by RER A and D. Access to these lines is via the station's basement.

Shuttle to the airport, Vélib...

  • Airport shuttle - Shuttle Paris - Telephone: 01 43 65 65 55 55

This transport company makes direct trips from Gare de Lyon to Orly, Roissy or Beauvais airports.

  • Car Air France - Telephone: 892350820

Vélib Station - The neighbouring Vélib stations are just in front of the station, and rue Van Gogh and rue de Bercy.

How to get from Gare de Lyon to Gare de Paris Bercy ?

  • Gare de Lyon is only 1 km from Gare Paris Bercy, whose address is 48 bis boulevard de Bercy 75012 Paris.
  • To walk 1km in Paris even without luggage to get tired is a difficult task if you are a visitor. Then we will guide you through the following steps:
  • Metro: You must take line 14 in the direction of "Olympiad" directly in the station located in the basement. You will get off at the "Bercy" station in order to finish the journey by a three-minute walk.
  • Bus: Take line 24 or line 87 to the "Gare de Bercy" stop, ticket at €1.70 at the rue de bercy stop opposite Gare de Lyon.
  • By foot: For a duration of about 20 minutes, you will pass by the rue de Bercy before taking the Boulevard de Bercy.

What are Eelway's safety requirements ?

At Eelway, we have a mission, to take care of your luggage !

  • Caretakers selected and trained by Eelway
  • Sealed and secured luggage upon pick-up
  • Luggage insured by Helvetia Assurances

Where can you eat near Gare de Lyon ?

Imagine that you want to eat properly before bringing your luggage into our luggage lockers, you have a minimum of choices in the Gare de Lyon. Here is a small list of the different restaurants and fast food establishments in the railway structure :

  • Red d'hippo: restaurant with affordable prices
  • Mezzo di pasta: fast food chain specializing in fresh pasta to go.
  • Express de Lyon: a brewery bar renowned for its beers and typical dishes.
  • Big Fernand: Brewery specializing in homemade French fries.

Some of these restaurants are not practical for travelers with large suitcases due to the distance between the tables. The best way is to leave your luggage in one of our luggage lockers before starting your Paris trip.


Can you drop off luggage at Gare de Lyon in Paris?

Lockers are available at Gare de Lyon in Paris. As it can be full, it is preferable to book a luggage storage facility online.

How much does it cost to store your luggage at Gare de Lyon?

The price differs depending on the size of your luggage. It starts at 5.50€ for a 24-hour shift for a small bag.

What can you store in a luggage storage at Gare de Lyon in Paris?

SNCF luggage storage accept medium-size bags and luggage in the largest lockers. At Eelway, we can store all types of luggage and even larger items such as bicycles or surfboards.

Where are the luggage storage at gare de Lyon in Paris?

Lockers are available in Hall 3 of the station. However, as these can be full, you can book online luggage storage on Eelway which are located just next to the station.