Luggage storage Gare Bercy Train Station

Luggage storage Gare Bercy Train Station

The gare de Paris-Bercy-Bourgogne-Pays d'Auvergne, known until September 13th 2016 as gare de Bercy is located in the 12 district of Paris. Between the Palais Omnisports also called now Accorhotels Arena and Bercy village with its paved court lined with wine storehouses of white stone and quiet terraces, Gare de Bercy is intended to ensure the connections with the east central region of France, besides proposing the "auto trains" service. Bus lines were also set up from the station, making Gare de Bercy also a bus station towards London, Brussels, Amsterdam. Before going to make a small step in another French or European city, take advantage of the most pedestrian spaces of the district of gare de Bercy. Do no longer drag your suitcases from your hotel to the pavements of Bercy thanks to the Eelway left-luggage.
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Excellent service, very reliable. I let my luggage an entire week and retrieved the whole of it on my train platform without a single second of delay. Thank you so much for making my holiday much easier !!!

Odile B. March 2017


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Johnny J. October 2016


Is their a place to store luggage near Gare Bercy Train Station ?
You can book a luggage storage near Gare Bercy Train Station easily on our website. We work with local shops and hotels that allow our customers to store their luggage in secure space. So, enjoy Gare Bercy Train Station without luggage !

What is the price to store a luggage near Gare Bercy Train Station ?
We charge you only 10€ per bag per day. Of course, the price is decreasing according to the number of bags and days of storage. And all the items are insured by Helvetia Insurance, our special insurance.

What can you store in our left-luggage facility ?
There is no size restriction in our left-luggage facilities near Gare Bercy Train Station. You can drop off all kinds of luggage. However, if you want to store a large item, as a bike, please contact us by chat beforehand.

How long can you store a luggage near Gare Bercy Train Station ?
You can store your luggage as long as you want ! Just select the pick-up and drop-off dates and hours of your choice on our website. And don't worry, you can modify your booking for free.

How can I find the nearest luggage storage near Gare Bercy Train Station ?
You just have to go on and do a research. You will see all our luggage storage facilities near Gare Bercy Train Station.

More information about Bercy Station

Bercy station, also known as Paris-Bercy-Bourgogne-Pays d'Auvergne station, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, was built in the 1970s and put into service in 1977.
It initially specialized in the auto-train service, which handled passenger vehicles.
In 2001, due to the closure of the Tolbiac terminal, the station recovered its cars.
Today, it serves more than 3.5 million travelers in 2017.
It also includes the Bercy Seine Bus Station, which makes it a major hub for passengers, being served by trains, buses and metros.

It is therefore very likely that if you travel through this station, many passengers will be at this station, so the risk of jostling, loss or omission of luggage will be higher.
This can potentially lead to stress, but also to problems on the lines, such as traffic disruptions, which can occur at Gare de Lyon or Gare du Nord.

That's why we recommend that you leave your luggage and backpacks in the Eelway left-luggage lockers near Bercy station.
In addition, your bags and suitcases will be insured and secure, as we work with partner hotels and stores.

It's easy: Go to and book your Eelway left-luggage service now!

Why drop off your luggage at Bercy station?

Are you coming to visit Paris?
Do you want to go to Bercy Village?
Are you going to attend a performance at the AccorHotel Arena?

It is common situations such as these that may require left-luggage service.
Imagine arriving at Bercy station cluttered with your luggage and not knowing what to do with it and no place to drop it off.
For the same purpose as Saint-Lazare Station, the busiest station; that's why Eelway is here!
In a few clicks your reservation is taken into account and effective and you can drop off your luggage at the nearest depot to your geographical location.
It is because we are very familiar with the problems related to luggage or bicycles in the transport that we offer left-luggage service, in order to relax you.
We also have several luggage storage thanks to our hotel partners and stores.

Why choose Eelway lockers around Bercy station?

Eelway, thanks to its partners, offers totally secure luggage storage near Bercy Station because our system is totally different, your baggage being directly stored in partner hotels or brands, totally secure and closed.

In addition, there is no storage limit, unlike automatic station lockers.
So you can store big luggage, or even bicycles, paddles, and golf clubs!

To benefit from it, it's very simple: Visit our website and book your luggage storage now near Bercy station!

What can we store in Eelway luggage lockers?

In Eelway left-luggage lockers, you can record all the items you want, including the following examples:

  • -Lights of all sizes
  • -Bags of all sizes
  • -Sports equipment (surfboard, paddle, golf bags, bike...)

In case of doubt or issue, do not hesitate to use the live chat with our customer service in the lower right corner of our website.

What are the opening hours of the Eelway left-luggage lockers?

Since we work with hotel and commercial partners, you can store your luggage safely, where and when you want.
Thus, most of our luggage storage are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the other options for storing your luggage near Bercy station?

As with all major passenger traffic areas, such as Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, other means have been put in place to ensure that you can store your luggage near Bercy station.

AccorHotel Arena

Two lockers are available, one in the Great Hall, the other at the entrance to the Pit.
They are exclusively reserved for people attending events.
They are free of charge and can accommodate prohibited items in the room.

Bercy Station

SNCF services allow you to drop off your luggage at Bercy Station, parcels and travel bags for a flat-rate period of 24 hours, and for a maximum of 3 days.

Names and formats of lockers
Small locker433*347*824 mm
Medium locker591*347*824 mm
Large locker908*519*824 mm

Price of the lockers according to their formats
Size of locker Price of locker
Small locker5€50
Medium locker7€50
Large locker9€50
+1 day
All sizes

In addition, you can also drop off your luggage at Gare Montparnasse.

Thus, it is because there is a size limit, and it is not possible to store your luggage and/or bulky objects for a maximum period of 3 days that we advise you to book your Eelway luggage storage area around Bercy station where you can leave your luggage,parcels, bags or objects such as bicycles, paddles or golf clubs.

Find all luggage lockers in Paris directly in one click!

What to do around Bercy station?

Once you have left your luggage and backpacks in our Eelway luggage lockers, you will be able to enjoy your stay and visit the surrounding area.
We have prepared a shortlist of activities to do near Bercy station, as follows:

  • AccorHotel Arena
    Accessible only during events, it is THE meeting place for all your shows, concerts, shows!
    Formerly POPB, it was granted to the Paris City Hall, which registered the AccorHotel Arena as a white label.
    Nevertheless, it still contains two places where you can eat and drink, without having to enter the AccorHotel Arena: the American Express Live Bar, where you can drink a cocktail or a beer for example, and the SHOWTIME l'Equipe, a sports bar restaurant, sponsored by the sports newspaper l'Equipe, where you can eat a meal.

  • Bercy Village
    Located in the courtyard of Saint-Emilion, Bercy Village is the ideal place to eat a meal, have a drink with friends, but also to shop, or why not go to the UGC cinema.
    For more activities to do at Bercy Village, visit the official Bercy Village website.

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