Luggage storage Gare Saint-Lazare Train Station

Luggage storage Gare Saint-Lazare Train Station

It doesn't exist luggage locker in Gare St Lazare BUT, don't worry, Eelway service is available! Like in others train stations, your Eelway concierges will be at your platform to pick up or drop off your bagagge. Located in Europe district in 8th disctrict, this train station is the oldest in Paris. Classified in French historical patrimony, Gare Saint Lazare offers to travellers a picturesque neighbourhood and decor that you would not know how to appreciate correctly your suitcase in the hand. Book your luggage storage and go off to explore old Paris!
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How to use our luggage storage near Gare Saint-Lazare Train Station?

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When you travel, time is money. The fact that you don't have to go back to your left-luggage facility at the train station, plus the fact that you don't have to carry your luggage, make this service really convenient !

Francisco X. January 2017


Eelway picked up our bags without us being there and they were waiting for us at our requested destination exactly on time. The service is the best solution, especially those with young children in town.

Raul P. May 2017

More information about Saint-Lazare station

Paris-Saint-Lazare station, also known as Saint-Lazare station, is the second busiest station in Europe, after Gare du Nord, with 450,000 passengers per day, and about 100 million passengers per year.
Built-in 1837, it is today at the heart of French and Parisian transport, serving Normandy and the western suburbs of Paris.
Thus, if you travel to Paris or Normandy, it is very likely that you will use this station.
That is why it is strongly discouraged to travel through this station with suitcases or backpacks because the risk of pushing, losing or forgetting is very high and can be a real problem with the Vigipirate plan: traffic interruption, stress, permanent loss of luggage.

With Eelway, we are concerned about its problems and want to solve them by offering you left-luggage services thanks to our hotel partners near stations, such as Saint-Lazare.

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Why drop off your luggage at Saint-Lazare station?

Are you coming to visit Paris?
Are you coming from Normandy or do you need to travel to Paris Intramuros?
Do you have a lot of luggage?
Many situations like this can happen and can make you forget or lose a backpack, suitcase or other luggage.

To avoid these situations, it is often very useful to opt for a left-luggage service near Saint-Lazare train station..

At Eelway, we are very familiar with the stress associated with luggage or bicycles on public transport.
Indeed, we have left-luggage lockers thanks to our network of partner hotels that you can book for the duration of your choice.

To do this, it's very simple, just go to the site and book with Eelway!

Why choose Eelway lockers around Saint-Lazare station?

In official and/or automatic luggage storage, you may not be able to leave all objects, especially the bulkiest ones, such as large suitcases or bicycles.
Moreover, you will not be able to keep them with you all the time if you want to visit or enjoy the city. It is even possible that they may not be open at all.

Thus, by using Eelway left-luggage service near Saint-Lazare station, you will have no size limits and the lockers are open 24 hours a day.
By putting a bag, suitcase or even a bicycle in our lockers, you will be reassured since all our premises are closed and secured, our system is different from those of the automatic lockers.

Feel free to book your luggage storage now, as it is possible at Gare de l'Est and all the other Parisian stations.

What can we leave in Eelway luggage lockers?

As we told you before, there is no size limit in our lockers.
However, if you have a large amount of luggage, please let us know when you make your reservation so that we can provide a suitable place for it.
Here is an example of what can be stored in our left-luggage lockers:

  • Suitcases of all sizes
  • Bags of all sizes
  • Sports equipment (surfboard, golf bags, bike...)

In case of doubt or problems, feel free to use the live chat with our customer service at the bottom right.

What are the opening hours of Eelway luggage storage?

Eelway works in partnership with hotels and stores to ensure that you can leave your luggage safely.
The majority of partner lockers are therefore open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the other options for storing your luggage near Saint-Lazare Station?

In the Saint-Lazare train station

SNCF services allow you to drop off your luggage, parcels and travel bags for a flat-rate period of 24 hours, and for a maximum of 3 days.

Names and formats of lockers
Names Formats
Small locker 433*347*824 mm
Medium locker591 * 347 *824 mm
Large locker908 * 519 * 824 mm

Price of the lockers according to their formats
Size of the lockerPrice of the locker
Small locker5€50
Medium locker 7€50
Large locker 9€50
+1 day
all formats

Thus, it is because there is a size limit, and it is not possible to drop off your luggage and/or bulky objects for a maximum period of 3 days that we advise you to opt for an Eelway left-luggage locker near Saint-Lazare station, where you can leave all your bulky objects, such as bicycles, paddles or golf clubs.

To see all the other Eelway options for leaving your luggage, you can visit our website, where other stations are available, for example at Gare de Lyon

What to do around Saint-Lazare station?

Once you have left and dropped off your luggage near Saint-Lazare station, you can freely visit Paris and do activities in the surrounding area.
We have prepared a top 5 activities to do near Saint-Lazare station, and here it is:

  • The Opera Garnier Palace
    Available as an open house 4, you can just as easily see a performance. Located on Place de L'Opéra in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, it is a visit not to be missed under any circumstances, being a known monument!

  • Perfume Museum
    This Museum has the particularity of being original, certainly, but also of making you discover precious bottles from antiquity to the present day. Guided tours and creative workshops on the programs. Nevertheless, count on a substantial budget for the creative workshop (~100€) and 7€ for a guided tour.

  • Sparkling VR
    For virtual reality fans, here is an essential address for those who love video games and want to strengthen their group cohesion! With a 300 m² equipped room, with friends, family or company, it is always a pleasant outing to do!

And for more ideas for activities around Saint-Lazare station, you can visit the website of the Paris Tourist Office.


Can you drop off luggage at St Lazare train station in Paris?

For security reason, there is no longer luggage storage inside St Lazare station. However, there are lockers available near the station and can be booked on Eelway.

What is the price to drop off luggage near St Lazare station?

You can store your luggage for €10 per 24-hour period with a degressive rate beyond the second baggage item.

What can you store near St Lazare train station?

There is no maximum size for your luggage. However, for special items such as bicycles, it is necessary to contact our service by chat beforehand.

Where are the luggage storage near Saint Lazare train station?

The lockers are available in the immediate vicinity of the station from local partners in secure locations.

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