Luggage Shipping to Algeria

Luggage Shipping to Algeria

It’s really easy to ship luggage and parcel to Algeria with Eelway! We are the expert of door-to-door delivery service to Algeria and worlwide. Get a quote for free right now and book the transfer of your belongings in a few minutes.

We negotiate with the best specialized couriers to Algeria to give you exclusive prices for the shipping of bags, suitcases, luggage and other bulky and heavy items. Save money and book a luggage forwarding service with Eelway. Indeed, if you are flying to Algeria, avoid excess baggage fees! And if you are moving to Algeria, make your removal easy by sending parcels and suitcases without size limits.

So how to send your luggage to Algeria?
  1. Get a quote right now by using our search engine just below
  2. Find the baggage transport options to Algeria that suits you best
  3. A carrier will collect your luggage with care at your door
  4. Travel light to Algeria! We will deliver it at the desired address in Algeria
Sending your luggage to Algeria is as simple as that!
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How to shipping your luggage to Algeria?

In a few clicks, book the best luggage shipping delivery service to Algeria!

1. Book online

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3. Relax

Why shipping with Eelway to Algeria?

No weight limit

Follow in real time

your luggage

Your luggage

sealed and

You're moving to Algeria

Do you plan to relocate to Algeria or move with your family to Algeria? Do you want to take with you a large part of your belongings? Use our removal service to Algeria and bring your luggage and all your items as your musical instruments or sport equipments. Eelway manages the collection and the delivery of your luggage from A to Z from wherever you want. Use our door-to-door moving service and travel stress-free to Algeria. We will collect your parcel and ship it directly in Algeria. It's a fast, convenient and cheaper way to move to Algeria.

Avoid excess baggage fee when travelling to Algeria

Travelling with an overweight and large item as a large suitcase, an electronic keyboard, a guitar or skis is often very difficult and especially when it comes to airline companies. The checked and carry-on baggage allowance in the aircraft are often very draconian. And especially for your excess luggage. If you want to travel to Algeria, don't spend most of your travel budget by paying huge fee at the airport because your bags were too big. Our courier delivery service to Algeria will allow you to travel hands-free and ship your big suitcases and excess baggage directly to your final destination even if it's above the weight or size limitations of your airline. By using our fast freight to Algeria you will pay less and travel better. Indeed, we are the specialist of door-to-door luggage shipping to Algeria at a low price. We will avoid you to worry about your luggage and save money by using our unaccompanied baggage service.

Send your heavy baggage and bulky item for your student year in Algeria

Thanks to our cheap moving service to Algeria adapted to student who are going to make a gap year or study in the most famous universities in Algeria, you will really feel like home in your new university or college in Algeria! Indeed, we provide a cheap parcel shipping to Algeria that will allow you to send all your belongings in your new home. Even for a semester or a gap year, you will have to bring heavy and bulky items as suitcases, books, musical instruments or sport equipments. But how to ship it to Algeria? With our carriers, you will have different option, from the sea freight to air freight. Indeed, shipping by cargo to Algeria is longer than air freight. With our parcel delivery service, you will appreciate to have your boxes collected from your doorstep and deliver very quickly at the door of your new flat, university or college in Algeria. Send as many parcels as you want without size limits to bring what you need in your new life : piano, guitar, suitcases or even your bike.

How to pack your parcel to Algeria?

Your parcel, whether it is suitcases, leather luggage, bicycles, golf clubs and other sports or musical equipment, will be sent with care. But if you want to ship fragile boxes to Algeria, consider protecting it in cardboard boxes, and use the best solid elements to secure the inside of your parcel. For example, fill with newspaper board or polystyrene to avoid transport vibrations.

We took care of their luggage


Thank you to the Eelway staff who assisted us from booking to actual pick up... special thanks to Michael, our assigned concierge, who was so nice and made sure our luggages were safe.

Grace A. October 2018


Accurate and punctual at a really affordable cost given the service they provide. To be recommended. I experienced it yesterday. Quick and easy booking. Constant information.

Patrizia C. September 2018

What can you ship to Algeria?

Luggage shipping to Algeria

Send your bags and suitcases directly to Algeria. Indeed, your travel to your destination will be easy without being loaded with luggage. By using our unaccompanied baggage service, don't pay excess baggage fees. Our affordable forwarding service to Algeria is fast and easy. We collect at your place and deliver it to Algeria.

Parcel delivery to Algeria

Send your package easily to your loved ones in Algeria. Use our fast courier delivery service to Algeria to send any kind of items. If your parcel is a big box, a parcel or a small parcel, we negotiate with the best and cheaper parcel carriers to provide a fast and cheap parcel shipping directly to Algeria. And of course, track your shipment with our delivery services.

Bike shipping to Algeria

Send your bike in Algeria with Eelway. If you want to ride peacefully in Algeria without worrying about the travel of your bicycle, we are here to help you. We collect the bike at the front of your door and deliver it right on time for your event or your holidays in Algeria. You can even use our bike shipping service to Algeria to sell your bike or send it to a specialized bicycle repairer.

Musical instrument shipping to Algeria

Ship your guitar, your electronic piano, your drums or any instruments you want with us. The international delivery of your instrument will be fast and affordable to Algeria. Don't worry, we are also music lover and will take care of your instrument while shipping it to wherever you want ! Enjoy to play your instrument directly while you arrive in Algeria. You can also ship an instrument that you want to sell or buy.

Golf club shipping

Book our door-to-door golf club and bag shipping to Algeria and enjoy your travel hands-free. We ship your unaccompanied baggage and your golf club directly to your final destination (hotel, flat...) so you don't have to pay excess baggage fee to your airline. Travel Hassle-Free and send your gold equipment to Algeria. When you arrive at your destination, you will enjoy to have nothing to do except playing golf.

Ski shipping

Ship your ski equipment, skis or snowboard to Algeria. We will collect your snowboard at your address anywhere in the world : work, home or hotel and deliver it quickly to Algeria. So, don't travel with your skis or snowboard, use our fast and affordable ski shipping to Algeria and relax. You will not have to travel with your bulky equipment !


How to send a luggage or parcel to or from Algeria?
It's very simple, you just have to book a door-to-door delivery from or to Italy on our website, A carrier will pick up your luggage or parcel directly from your door and deliver it to you in record time to the desired address. This can be in Italy or anywhere in the world. And all this for an unbeatable price and unbeatable security. Free yourself from your luggage and no longer pay excessive fees with your usual airlines.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?
Our carriers are specialized in the express delivery of luggage to Algeria and abroad. When you place your order, you will have the choice between several delivery times: express delivery or standard delivery within a few days. In addition, you can now deliver your luggage to any address: home, hotel or even work.

How much does it cost to ship a suitcase to or from Algeria?
The price of your shipment will depend of the size of your suitcase or parcel. Get a quote in 2 clicks on our website. We work with professional carriers who offer exclusive and advantageous discounts just for you. Don't wait and enjoy to travel free!

Is my shipment safe with Eelway?
Thanks to Eelway, your luggage will arrive safely at its destination. Our customer service is available 7 days a week to ensure the proper transport of your shipment. This allows us to answer all your questions and resolve your concerns. In addition, your suitcase is insured for free!

How to book a shipment to Algeria with Eelway?
All you have to do is visit our website and make a simulation by entering the number of packages or luggage to send, as well as your collection and delivery address. Once you have made your reservation, a carrier will collect your belongings at your door and deliver it safely to where you want.

About Algeria :

Algeria is a Maghreb country located in the northern part of the African continent. The Algerian population is about 43 million inhabitants for an area of 2,381,741 km2. This country shows its greatness on many points. Indeed, it is the largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean countries. Alger is the capital of Algeria, the most developed country in continental Africa. This country has a cultural and historical past that goes back thousands of years. 7 historic sites are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Algeria's climate varies greatly from region to region. Indeed, in the north, Algeria enjoys Mediterranean weather while in the south of the country reigns a hot and dry desert climate. This is because of the spread of the Sahara, which covers nearly 80% of the country's surface area. Algeria is a country whose culture varies enormously from one city to another, from one oasis to another. Each region has different cultural and linguistic characteristics. Algeria is a country that also surprises by its highly sought-after architecture. An architecture very steeped in Arab-Muslim culture, which also differs from region to region. The number of tourists is low (2.7 million in 2017), reflecting a certain need for external transport services. That's why we at Eelway have decided to help these passengers by offering a service that transports luggage, parcels, suitcase and bulky objects from door to door in Algeria. In other words, called door-to-door, this service will allow you to avoid worrying about your luggage or other bulky objects by shipping your luggage or your suitcase to Algeria so that they do not become stressful or tense.

What are Algeria's 5 favourite destinations ?

  • Alger : Alger, the beautiful capital of this country is host to no less than 3 million people. It is the largest capital of the Maghreb.
  • Oran : Oran is the second largest city in western Algeria. It is a city located on the shores of the Mediterranean. It is a great place to live, it is like the cultural capital of the country. Oran is also home to several major universities.
  • Constantine : A city with many bridges, some of which date back to Roman times. That's where it gets its nickname of a city with suspension bridges. With 450000 residents, it is the 3rd largest city in Algeria.
  • Annaba : A small corner of paradise, this city is an industrial centre with a high population growth. Indeed, this city benefits from a major rural exodus with 464,740 residents.

What to do in Algeria ?

  • Crossing the bridges of Constantine : this city is surely one of the most impressive in the country. The crossing of these fabulous bridges will certainly give you a strong feeling both for the height and the beauty of the canyons.
  • Meskhutin Hammam: If you want to relax in an incredible setting, Meskhutin Hammams are for you. A thermal spring where the hot water comes from natural springs. Perfect for a health cure !
  • Road trip: What better way to visit Algeria than to do a road-trip in a pickup truck on the roads of the south. You will discover many magnificent oasis in a lunar tranquility. Prepare the sunscreen. The best is to do it in Winter, the temperatures remain bearable.
  • The waterfalls of Kefrida : Kherrata is an unfortunately little visited city, but incredible. Mountainous and green, it shelters magnificent waterfalls.

Why sending your luggage to Algeria ?

If you move to Algeria :

In order to start your new life, you need most of your comfort. What to do when airlines do not accept to transport luggage and bulky parcels? Thanks to Eelway, you can move simply by shipping your luggage and bulky parcels to Algeria.

If you are going to study in Algeria :

Eelway is sending your parcel door to door in Algeria to ensure the success of your student year in Algeria. Thanks to our competitive rates and our negotiations with renowned international carriers, we will ship your luggage and parcels quickly and at a low price to Algeria.

In order to transport your favorite sports or leisure equipment to Algeria :

If you are going to Algeria to practice your favorite hobby, we will send you your bulky packages. Indeed, we can ship your surfboard, but also transport your musical instrument, your piano, your golf clubs...

To travel serenly in Algeria :

You will start your journey in Algeria light and without worrying about the stress of your luggage. We will therefore ship your package door to door very quickly. Moreover, Algeria is a country in which "loss" of luggage is recurrent. And the same applies to flights in luggage. That is why our services are facing these problems. Indeed we ship your suitcase in Algeria by picking it up at your door and we deliver it to your door on your final destination, so we ship your parcel from where you want and where you want. Tourists in this type of country quickly fall for it, especially when it comes to taxi travel... That's why you'll be in the best conditions to enjoy your trip to Algeria if you don't have to worry about your luggage.

In order to limit luggage costs during your flight

Indeed, many airlines companies don't accept every luggage in board of the plane. Sometimes, your suitcase is to heavy or too big. And you will have to pay extra fee to cary your luggage with you in the plane.

What are the size limits of airlines for carry-on luggage ?

The dimensions allowed for carry-on luggage during a trip to Algeria depend on the airline. Generally, the size limit for your cabin luggage is 55 x 40 x 23 cm and a weight that varies between 5 and 10 kg.

What are the size limits of airlines for checked luggage ?

The dimensions allowed for checked luggage when travelling in Algeria depend on the airlines. Nevertheless, most airlines accept checked luggage of a maximum of 158 cm (height + depth + width). The maximum accepted weight for checked luggage varies between 18 and 30 kg. It is therefore complicated to carry your luggage or parcel during a trip to Algeria, especially if it is very full. This can also be overcharged. This is why we recommend our luggage and parcel delivery service in Algeria.

What are the advantages of Eelway's luggage and parcel shipping service in Algeria?

International shipping of Eelway luggage and door-to-door parcels to Algeria will help you avoid the nightmare of a failed arrival with a lost suitcase, stifling heat to pull your luggage, and the fear of theft when travelling in the city. And not to mention all the airline restrictions on your luggage. Fortunately, at Eelway, we allow you to travel without constraint :

  • Send up to 75 kilos per piece of luggage, suitcase and sports equipment
  • Your parcel and luggage are insured
  • Secure international logistics network
  • Real-time luggage tracking by email and SMS
  • No luggage size limit
  • No excess luggage charges
  • Customs formalities carried out on your behalf
  • Your luggage is sealed, secured

For students, travellers or professionals of all kinds, our service can be particularly efficient, easy and practical. You can send as many units as you want, door to door, whenever you want and wherever you want.

How does the luggage and parcel shipping service work in Algeria ?

Our online booking system allows you to book your luggage shipment in Algeria at any time of the day or night. A transfer of luggage and parcels from your departure home to your arrival address which makes this service a major asset for a smooth journey with fragile, heavy, bulky parcels... Eelway is only simplicity:

  1. You entrust us with your luggage or parcel directly to your home, hotel...
  2. You travel peacefully without stress and without your luggage and suitcase
  3. On arrival, you receive your luggage or parcels at your home or hotel of destination.

Your luggage and parcels are handled by two transport companies: DHL and FEDEX. For each destination you have three choices depending on the speed of delivery and the delivery rate.

Are my parcels and luggage shipped by Eelway insured ?

The luggage you entrust to us is insured up to € 1,000 per unit at no extra cost. In addition, during the entire shipment we will inform you by email of the progress of your luggage. It's the promise of Eelway, total transparency for more trust.

How to ship your luggage and parcels out of format for airlines in Algeria?

How to ship your paddle board or kayak to Algeria?
Water sports equipment is generally quite large and especially very frail, surfboards for example are made of resin and can crack very easily. This is why we have developed this service to ship water sports boards in particular. In order to facilitate the transport of such objects and especially to avoid unnecessary stress. Airlines can quickly overcharge bulky items, and their safety is poor. In addition, foreign countries such as Algeria are not known for airport luggage security. Moreover, once there, it is difficult to find a taxi big enough to bring in your suitcase and especially a board or other. The risk of breaking your property yourself is not impossible. That is why the shipment of your board or kayak to Algeria is the perfect service to fly over all transport problems and avoid you a bad stay.

How to send your golf clubs to Algeria ?
The transport of golf clubs may not be possible with the help of a single suitcase due to the number of clubs required to play correctly. Eelway therefore offers you home transport to your golf clubs so that you can use them and enjoy them to the full once you get there.

How to have your bike transported to Algeria ?
There are many reasons to ship your bike to Algeria: if you want to enjoy it during your stay, if you want to resell it or even if you want to participate in a competition in Algeria. However, it is much easier to use Eelway to send your bike to Algeria than to fight with your airline and pay huge fees. To send your bike to Algeria or any other destination, it must be dismantled and packed. This will reduce the size of the parcel and facilitate its transport.

Which items are prohibited in parcel to Algeria ?

As in all countries, there are customs rules when sending parcels or luggage to Algeria for security reasons. Here is the list below :
  • Medication
  • Perishable foods
  • Animal products
  • Aerosols
  • Cash, credit cards, debit cards
  • Dangerous goods
  • Hazardous products
  • The plants
  • Liquids

How to pack your luggage and parcels to ship them to Algeria ?

When shipping packages and luggage to Algeria, it is important to pay close attention to the packaging in order to best protect the contents of your luggage or parcel. So you need :

  • A solid container adapted to your parcel and luggage : cardboard box, solid suitcase...
  • Bubble wrap or rag to secure your package or luggage and prevent it from moving and getting damaged during transport
  • Scotch tape and a pair of scissors
  • A pen to stipulate " delicate " as well as the direction of your package and/or luggage

Your luggage and parcels are in all cases insured by our services and our service providers are known for their reliability.

What are the customs rules in Algeria and what items are prohibited from entering the country ?

Algeria, like any other country, has strict customs entry rules. It is therefore prohibited to send and/or transport the entire list below within the country:

  • Narcotics
  • Weapons and ammunition of war and related material
  • Used spare parts (tolerated: 01 units)
  • Counterfeiting
  • Import and export of Algerian dinars. Nevertheless, travellers are allowed to export the amount of ten thousand (10000) DA
  • Used motorcycles and bicycles
  • Used household electrical equipment
  • Used furniture
  • Any object that violates morality or morality
  • Friperie
  • Unaccompanied luggage
  • Any merchandise not accompanied by the regulatory authorization to which it is subject.
  • Securities, including shares and bonds issued by public or private companies, savings bonds and treasury bills, are also prohibited from being imported.

The advantage of entering Algeria without your luggage is that you do not need to declare everything you are carrying in detail, as we take care of the formalities for you. On condition that they respect the objects that are prohibited both on entry into Algeria and in air transport in general.

Indeed, upon entering Algeria, the traveller is required to :

  • account for the goods it transports
  • pay the mandatory duties and taxes on the goods transported
  • comply with exchange control formalities

Life in Algeria:

Extremely varied landscapes and territories, Algeria is worth a visit, especially Algers, the capital has a particular atmosphere between its kasbah on the hillside, its small white houses and its ancient mosques on every street corner, you will be changed of scenery as soon as you arrive. But Algeria is not just about Alger>, there is Constantine, Oran... The resplendent natural parks, the heavenly oases in the desert, the rocky massifs... Algeria is a country where life is dynamic, especially for tourists, not time to get bored.

When to go to Algeria ?

Algeria has a particular climate. If you want to make a road trip through the cities and the desert in the south of the country, it is better to travel in winter, the temperatures remain warm during the day but bearable. Be careful to cover yourself well when night comes! If you want to discover the wonders of northern Algeria then summer is the best season. Temperatures range from about 25 to 33 degrees.