Luggage Shipping to Thailand

Luggage Shipping to Thailand

It’s really easy to ship luggage and parcel to Thailand with Eelway! We are the expert of door-to-door delivery service to Thailand and worlwide. Get a quote for free right now and book the transfer of your belongings in a few minutes.

We negotiate with the best specialized couriers to Thailand to give you exclusive prices for the shipping of bags, suitcases, luggage and other bulky and heavy items. Save money and book a luggage forwarding service with Eelway. Indeed, if you are flying to Thailand, avoid excess baggage fees! And if you are moving to Thailand, make your removal easy by sending parcels and suitcases without size limits.

So how to send your luggage to Thailand?
  1. Get a quote right now by using our search engine just below
  2. Find the baggage transport options to Thailand that suits you best
  3. A carrier will collect your luggage with care at your door
  4. Travel light to Thailand! We will deliver it at the desired address in Thailand
Sending your luggage to Thailand is as simple as that!
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How to shipping your luggage to Thailand?

In a few clicks, book the best luggage shipping delivery service to Thailand!

1. Book online

2. We send

3. Relax

Why shipping with Eelway to Thailand?

No weight limit

Follow in real time

your luggage

Your luggage

sealed and

You're moving to Thailand

Do you plan to relocate to Thailand or move with your family to Thailand? Do you want to take with you a large part of your belongings? Use our removal service to Thailand and bring your luggage and all your items as your musical instruments or sport equipments. Eelway manages the collection and the delivery of your luggage from A to Z from wherever you want. Use our door-to-door moving service and travel stress-free to Thailand. We will collect your parcel and ship it directly in Thailand. It's a fast, convenient and cheaper way to move to Thailand.

Avoid excess baggage fee when travelling to Thailand

Travelling with an overweight and large item as a large suitcase, an electronic keyboard, a guitar or skis is often very difficult and especially when it comes to airline companies. The checked and carry-on baggage allowance in the aircraft are often very draconian. And especially for your excess luggage. If you want to travel to Thailand, don't spend most of your travel budget by paying huge fee at the airport because your bags were too big. Our courier delivery service to Thailand will allow you to travel hands-free and ship your big suitcases and excess baggage directly to your final destination even if it's above the weight or size limitations of your airline. By using our fast freight to Thailand you will pay less and travel better. Indeed, we are the specialist of door-to-door luggage shipping to Thailand at a low price. We will avoid you to worry about your luggage and save money by using our unaccompanied baggage service.

Send your heavy baggage and bulky item for your student year in Thailand

Thanks to our cheap moving service to Thailand adapted to student who are going to make a gap year or study in the most famous universities in Thailand, you will really feel like home in your new university or college in Thailand! Indeed, we provide a cheap parcel shipping to Thailand that will allow you to send all your belongings in your new home. Even for a semester or a gap year, you will have to bring heavy and bulky items as suitcases, books, musical instruments or sport equipments. But how to ship it to Thailand? With our carriers, you will have different option, from the sea freight to air freight. Indeed, shipping by cargo to Thailand is longer than air freight. With our parcel delivery service, you will appreciate to have your boxes collected from your doorstep and deliver very quickly at the door of your new flat, university or college in Thailand. Send as many parcels as you want without size limits to bring what you need in your new life : piano, guitar, suitcases or even your bike.

How to pack your parcel to Thailand?

Your parcel, whether it is suitcases, leather luggage, bicycles, golf clubs and other sports or musical equipment, will be sent with care. But if you want to ship fragile boxes to Thailand, consider protecting it in cardboard boxes, and use the best solid elements to secure the inside of your parcel. For example, fill with newspaper board or polystyrene to avoid transport vibrations.

We took care of their luggage


Thank you to the Eelway staff who assisted us from booking to actual pick up... special thanks to Michael, our assigned concierge, who was so nice and made sure our luggages were safe.

Grace A. October 2018


Accurate and punctual at a really affordable cost given the service they provide. To be recommended. I experienced it yesterday. Quick and easy booking. Constant information.

Patrizia C. September 2018

What can you ship to Thailand?

Luggage shipping to Thailand

Send your bags and suitcases directly to Thailand. Indeed, your travel to your destination will be easy without being loaded with luggage. By using our unaccompanied baggage service, don't pay excess baggage fees. Our affordable forwarding service to Thailand is fast and easy. We collect at your place and deliver it to Thailand.

Parcel delivery to Thailand

Send your package easily to your loved ones in Thailand. Use our fast courier delivery service to Thailand to send any kind of items. If your parcel is a big box, a parcel or a small parcel, we negotiate with the best and cheaper parcel carriers to provide a fast and cheap parcel shipping directly to Thailand. And of course, track your shipment with our delivery services.

Bike shipping to Thailand

Send your bike in Thailand with Eelway. If you want to ride peacefully in Thailand without worrying about the travel of your bicycle, we are here to help you. We collect the bike at the front of your door and deliver it right on time for your event or your holidays in Thailand. You can even use our bike shipping service to Thailand to sell your bike or send it to a specialized bicycle repairer.

Musical instrument shipping to Thailand

Ship your guitar, your electronic piano, your drums or any instruments you want with us. The international delivery of your instrument will be fast and affordable to Thailand. Don't worry, we are also music lover and will take care of your instrument while shipping it to wherever you want ! Enjoy to play your instrument directly while you arrive in Thailand. You can also ship an instrument that you want to sell or buy.

Golf club shipping

Book our door-to-door golf club and bag shipping to Thailand and enjoy your travel hands-free. We ship your unaccompanied baggage and your golf club directly to your final destination (hotel, flat...) so you don't have to pay excess baggage fee to your airline. Travel Hassle-Free and send your gold equipment to Thailand. When you arrive at your destination, you will enjoy to have nothing to do except playing golf.

Ski shipping

Ship your ski equipment, skis or snowboard to Thailand. We will collect your snowboard at your address anywhere in the world : work, home or hotel and deliver it quickly to Thailand. So, don't travel with your skis or snowboard, use our fast and affordable ski shipping to Thailand and relax. You will not have to travel with your bulky equipment !


How to send a luggage or parcel to or from Thailand?
It's very simple, you just have to book a door-to-door delivery from or to Italy on our website, A carrier will pick up your luggage or parcel directly from your door and deliver it to you in record time to the desired address. This can be in Italy or anywhere in the world. And all this for an unbeatable price and unbeatable security. Free yourself from your luggage and no longer pay excessive fees with your usual airlines.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?
Our carriers are specialized in the express delivery of luggage to Thailand and abroad. When you place your order, you will have the choice between several delivery times: express delivery or standard delivery within a few days. In addition, you can now deliver your luggage to any address: home, hotel or even work.

How much does it cost to ship a suitcase to or from Thailand?
The price of your shipment will depend of the size of your suitcase or parcel. Get a quote in 2 clicks on our website. We work with professional carriers who offer exclusive and advantageous discounts just for you. Don't wait and enjoy to travel free!

Is my shipment safe with Eelway?
Thanks to Eelway, your luggage will arrive safely at its destination. Our customer service is available 7 days a week to ensure the proper transport of your shipment. This allows us to answer all your questions and resolve your concerns. In addition, your suitcase is insured for free!

How to book a shipment to Thailand with Eelway?
All you have to do is visit our website and make a simulation by entering the number of packages or luggage to send, as well as your collection and delivery address. Once you have made your reservation, a carrier will collect your belongings at your door and deliver it safely to where you want.

What do I need to know about Thailand?

Thailand, formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam, is a country in Southeast Asia. It shares its borders with Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and is part of the Indochina peninsula.
Thailand is predominantly Buddhist with 95% of the population practising this religion. The Kingdom of Thailand covers an area of 514,000 km² for 68.3 million inhabitants.
It is a newly industrialized country among the Asian tigers. In addition, Thailand offers a unique and authentic tourist experience with its diverse nature, contrasting landscapes from North to South, history and culture that contribute to its complex identity.

Similarly, Bangkok, its capital, is one of the most visited cities in the world. While its beaches and seaside resorts in the South are a delight for diving enthusiasts.
The North offers the beauty of the mountains and the hospitality of quiet cities. It is also an opportunity to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine every day.
And all this, with a very interesting holiday budget. For all these reasons and many others, travellers have the pleasure of discovering, the land of smiles welcomes tens of millions of visitors every year.
In the face of this large tourist influx, it is becoming essential to improve the experience of air transport users, particularly in the management of their baggage.

It is for this need that Eelway transport and delivery parcels and luggage and wish to offer an alternative way of sending your luggage, bags and parcels door-to-door in Thailand.
Entrust us with your baggage and enjoy your trip at its fullest. Book now!

Where to go in Thailand?

Thailand is a highly touristic country and for good reason, countless natural and cultural places are imperative to visit.
Add to that a hospitable population and very good cuisine to make your stay an undeniably successful one.
To guide you, we present you, here, the 5 favorite places of our selection:

Bangkok: the capital of Thailand

Bangkok is now the most visited capital in the world, ahead of London and Paris. A unique atmosphere that combines culture with its temples and palaces, modernity with its buildings and lights, and delicious cuisine on every street corner.


We strongly recommend this city in southern Thailand because it offers a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages. Amusement or zoological parks, heavenly beaches and temples, luxurious hotels, shopping, Thai massages, the choice is yours, as you like it.

Ko Phi Phi Phi

Far from being satisfied with its beautiful coastal beaches, Thailand also has many islands in its kingdom. This small holiday paradise is a destination not to be missed for lovers of the sea, diving and beautiful natural forests.

Ko Samui

It is the third largest island in Thailand and one of the country's major tourist destinations. But much more than a perfect beach destination, there are also national parks, lush vegetation, temples, and magnificent waterfalls in the middle of the jungle.

Chiang Mai

Located in the north of the country, Chiang Mai is highly appreciated for its authenticity, far from the mass tourist attractions of the southern cities.
The residents are warmer, the city has hundreds of temples and places of worship inherited from its history. It is a quiet city, among the mountains, where life is good and the food is excellent.

For more information on where to go, what to do, please refer you on the official website of the Thai tourism office or Lonely Planet

Why send my oversized luggage and parcels to Thailand?

Are you moving to Thailand?

Thailand is a country very appreciated by foreigners. Many people, falling under the spell, decide to live there for a few years or more.
But when you are preparing for your new life in Thailand, your baggage is often complicated for airlines. A simple and practical solution, entrust them to us.
Eelway is happy to take care of it and deliver your luggage and parcels when moving wherever you want and whenever you want in Thailand.

Are you going to study in Thailand?

With several schools and universities recognized by the European education system, Thailand is a very good choice to study there and at the same time, discover and share the country's culture.
And to support you in your projects, Eelway propose to transport your personal school supplies like bags, suitcase and parcels to Thailand for a successful academic year.

How do I send my sports or leisure equipment to Thailand?

To travel by plane, it is necessary to comply with the restrictions even if it means leaving your favourite musical instrument or bicycle at home.
This is something to regret when the country visited is as beautiful as Thailand.
No more problems and expensive extra costs, entrust us with your bags and suitcases and we ship and deliver them to your address in Thailand thanks to our door-to-door transport service.

How to travel light in Thailand?

You travel for relax, to change your mind, to discover the unknown that everyone talks about. And yet, always the same dilemma: leaving light and ill-equipped or cluttering up with everything "just in case".
But thanks to our luggage and door-to-door parcel service in Thailand, leave with your hands in your pockets without forgetting anything.
You can enjoy every moment of your trip without wondering if your luggage has arrived, if it is intact, etc.
For you, no waiting around the conveyor belt, no need to run out of breath to transport them to the taxi. Eelway does all this and more with very competitive rates.

What are the advantages of Eelway's baggage and parcel delivery services in Thailand?

Through our services of sending unaccompanied suitcases, bags and parcels to Thailand, we offer the possibility to travel without luggage or complications.
Indeed, by freeing yourself from your suitcase and entrusting it to Eelway, you can travel light without fear of loss, possible damage to your luggage, restrictions and additional costs imposed by airlines.

Discover a new way to travel with Eelway:

  • No restrictions on the weight and size of your bags;
  • Your packages are sealed by a qualified concierge;
  • Immediate follow-up after collection in real time by email and SMS;
  • Secure and punctual service;
  • Customs formalities carried out on your behalf
  • All luggage is insured

What are the steps for the delivery of suitcases in Thailand?

To access our luggage door-to-door shipping services in Thailand, simply make an online reservation on the Eelway website, accessible at any time.
Whether your luggage is bulky, out of format, fragile or heavy for airlines, we take care of transporting it for you. So, to travel in peace, you just have to

  1. Make a reservation online on;

  2. Entrust us with your luggage for shipment to Thailand;

  3. Receive your luggage at your new address in Thailand!

Are my luggage and parcels sent by Eelway safe?

We understand the value of your personal belongings like bags, parcel or luggage, and your trust.
All baggage entrusted to Eelway is sealed and numbered as soon as it is picked up by one of our concierges.
Immediately after collection, you can track each step of the baggage flow by email and SMS.
In addition, each piece of luggage and parcel is insured by our partner up to 1000€ per unit.

How do I send my excess luggage and parcels to Thailand?

How to send my kayak or surfboard to Thailand?

Apart from its several hundred kilometres of coastline, southern Thailand also has countless beautiful islands. White sandy beaches, a turquoise, azure and emerald ocean, but also very beautiful waves.
The South is the ideal destination to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Whether it's scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing the waves, or floating in a kayak on the crystal blue of the water, there's plenty to choose from to experience the proximity of the ocean.
And to make the most of it, remember to bring your beach gear: surfboard, kayak, fins, etc aad to free you from carrying them to the airport, from the risk of damaging them during transport or in the hold, and from complications with airlines, we transport them for you.
Entrust us with your aquatic equipment and enjoy Thailand to the fullest.

Have your golf clubs delivered to Thailand

Thailand is one of the best golf destinations in Asia. Indeed, this sport has been practiced there for more than a century and the country is full of magnificent and varied courses.
The big plus is that all players can choose the course they want at much more affordable prices than in Europe. So, for those who wish to learn this sport, it is an opportunity not to be missed.
Beginners and professionals will find what they are looking for with exceptional and quality courses that have won several international awards and offer breathtaking landscapes and views.
And to encourage you in your quest for the new kingdom of Siam, we transport your golf clubs to Thailand. Go light but well equipped for this extraordinary trip.
For more information about how to send your golf clubs, please visit us on our official website here. You can send your bicycle if you want too, more information about here!
If you're a professional (or beginners) of music, and you need your stuff, please inform you how send and ship here

How to send my photographic equipment to Thailand?

To perpetuate your stay in the land of smiles, what could be better than to take pictures of the most beautiful moments?
And for amateurs as well as professionals in photography, the appropriate equipment for shots to match your tastes is often voluminous.
Lenses, tripod, flash, so many elements that are fragile, expensive, heavy and cumbersome at the same time.
So how to take dream pictures once in Thailand? It's simple, we deliver all your equipment for you in Thailand.
Find your complete photo equipment once you arrive and enjoy the full potential of your equipment.

How to pack my suitcase and parcels to send them to Thailand?

To have your parcels delivered in Thailand, they must be well packed. Here are the necessary steps to pack your baggage correctly.

  • choose a packaging adapted to the baggage: cardboard for fragile objects, plastic bags for unbreakable objects (e. g. clothing), etc.
  • Secure the contents of the packaging with kraft paper, bubble wrap, foam, etc.
  • Wide adhesive tape to securely close the packaging box
  • Labels if necessary to specify "fragile", the direction of the package, etc. Do not stick them to the corners, do not use them to seal the package opening.

With Eelway, your parcels and suitcase for Thailand are, in all cases, insured by our insurance partner.

What are the items prohibited from entering Thailand and the prohibitions on sending by parcel post?

Before entering or leaving Thailand, it is important to know the prohibitions and restrictions in force at the Thai customs. In particular, it is prohibited to transport the items on the following list when entering the country:

  • Importing pornographic literature (photos, articles), videos or other obscene publications;
  • Drugs;
  • Weapons and explosives.

The following objects are subject to regulation:

  • The tobacco
  • Playing cards (taxed at 30 Bahts/100 cards)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • The meat
  • Food (import licence required)
  • Personal medications

When leaving Thailand, apart from the above-mentioned items, you should also know that there are restrictions for:

  • the export of Buddha representations (for which authorization must be requested, the only reasons considered are worship for practicing Buddhists, research, cultural exchanges or exhibitions);
  • antiquities or elements of national heritage;
  • some products of animal or plant species.
  • Counterfeit products

We take care of delivering all your luggage with door-to-door service in Thailand.
But to make sure that all the contents of your packages are returned to you, it is useful to know the restrictions on sending oversized parcel in general.
Prohibited items include: alcohol, flammable products (perfumes, etc.), corrosive materials (batteries), compressed gases, works of art, jewellery, antiques, money (banknotes, coins, counterfeit notes, cheques, etc.), toxic and infectious substances, medicines, tobacco, seeds.

What are the other baggage services for Thailand?

Moving companies

You can also use a moving company to ship your suitcase and parcels to Thailand.
Indeed, it is possible to transport personal baggages in large numbers and volumes through these specialized companies.
However, moving companies are a very expensive alternative for sending unaccompanied baggage.

Air freight

Airmail is a fast and reliable way to transport your packages but is only a reasonable option if you want to transport large volumes of personal belongings, like oversized baggage.
Indeed, air freight can be very expensive and has the disadvantage of depositing your suitcase and parcels at one of Thailand's major airports.
Instead of waiting comfortably at home for your luggage, you need to find an additional way to collect and transport it.

Shipping by sea freight

Sending your excess or oversized parcels or baggage by boat allows you to transfer large parcels at a very attractive price.
However, this option is only available if you are in no hurry to review your luggage. In reality, door-to-door shipping by cargo and container can take several weeks.
And like air freight, you have to pick up your packages at one of Thailand's major ports instead of receiving them right on your doorstep. Additional costs, time and complications to consider.

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