Luggage Shipping to Guam

Luggage Shipping to Guam

You will soon be flying or moving to Guam? Can you easily send your luggage and bags to Guam? Can you have your luggage shipped to Guam so you can travel hands-free? Yes ! Thanks to Eelway's door-to-door delivery service, you can travel without your heavy luggage and bulky suitcases. Eelway, a specialist in logistics and baggage storage, offers you the opportunity to transport your baggage to Guam, with ease. No need to travel with your luggage, we ship it for you to your destination! We work with the most internationally recognized carriers to send your personal belongings to Guam at affordable prices. Our customer service is available every day to help you shipping your excess baggage to Guam.
How to have your luggage delivered to Guam?
  1. Go to our booking tool by clicking here. Find the baggage transport options to Guam that suits you best.
  2. A carrier takes care of your personal belongings. You leave your luggage and bags (securely packed!) to our carrier, at the address given at the time of booking.
  3. Travel light to Guam! Our carrier will take care of the delivery of your luggage in the best conditions. Be stress-free, your luggage is insured!
  4. Receive your luggage once arrived in Guam. Sending your luggage to Guam has been as simple as that!

In short, to travel light to Guam, simply leave your luggage to Eelway and fly to Guam in serenity! Here are some tips to make sure that the transport of your luggage to Guam goes smoothly:
  • Be specific when booking. Feel free to contact our customer service if you need help. We speak English!
  • Pack your luggage and personal belongings properly. Your luggage will travel with other, sometimes heavier luggage and parcels.
  • Check on the customs website of Guam that what you want to have delivered to Guam is not prohibited.

How to book a luggage transport to Guam? Nothing could be easier! Enter your baggage collection address during the booking process, as well as the delivery address in Guam. To do this, go to our reservation section on our website.
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Shipping your luggage to Guam, how does it work?

In a few clicks, book the best luggage shipping delivery service to Guam!

1. Book online

2. We send

3. You receive

Travelling soon to Guam? Travel light. We ship your luggage for you.

No weight limit

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Your luggage

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You're moving to Guam

You plan to move from Guam or to relocate with your family to Guam. You want to take with you a large part of your belongings. Travel light and book a luggage delivery service with a certified carrier. Eelway manages the collection and the delivery of your luggage from A to Z.

You are going to study in Guam

If you are going to study in Guam in the next few months or years, it is important to feel like home! A luggage delivery service like Eelway will let you ship your essential belongings to Guam without any stress. With Eelway, no weight limit. Send as many items as you want to bring your universe to your new university.

You want an alternative to luggage storage facilities

While travelling, you will probably want to avoid storing your bulky luggage in lockers at a train station or in an airport. If you want to travel light, think about booking a luggage delivery service. It's easy to send your luggage to Guam. However, if you want to discover the Eelway luggage storage facilities nearby, click here :

Your airline allowance is too restrictive

Airlines often implement size and weight limits for your luggage. The baggage size regulations in the aircraft cabin are quite strict. When traveling with large luggage, airlines usually charge a considerable fee. If you want to avoid paying such a fee, consider shipping your luggage with Eelway. It will be an easy process and you will appreciate travelling light to Guam.

What types of luggage can we ship for you to Guam?

When you are traveling from or to Guam, it is not always easy to bring your luggage with you. Indeed, bulky items are not the easiest to carry with you. Hopefully, Eelway ship your bulky items for you. From Guam, or to Guam.

How to pack your luggage or parcel to Guam ?

Your luggage, whether it is suitcases, leather luggage, bicycles, golf clubs and other sports or musical equipment, will be sent with care. But if you want to ship fragile luggage to Guam, consider protecting it in cardboard boxes, and use the best solid elements to secure the inside of your parcel. For example, fill with newspaper board or polystyrene to avoid transport vibrations.

We took care of their luggage


Thank you to the Eelway staff who assisted us from booking to actual pick up... special thanks to Michael, our assigned concierge, who was so nice and made sure our luggages were safe.

Grace A. October 2018


Accurate and punctual at a really affordable cost given the service they provide. To be recommended. I experienced it yesterday. Quick and easy booking. Constant information.

Patrizia C. September 2018

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