Luggage storage Louvre Museum

Luggage storage Louvre Museum

Only luggage with dimensions below 55cm x 35cm x 20cm (21.7" x 13.8" x 7.9"), which is the dimensions of a carry-on bag, is allowed at the luggage storage at Louvre Museum. To avoid hassle, the easiest way to leave your luggage during the day is to give it to one of our concierges in front of the Museum or at the doorstep of your appartment, at the hotel reception.

You get the bags back while leaving the Museum or at the bus, railway station or the airport departure terminal of your choice (CDG and Orly).

Our service is available 7 days a week, 6am to 11pm. You get notified by text messages and emails at each step of the storage. You can now enjoy your day in Paris!

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How to use our luggage storage near Louvre Museum?

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3. Enjoy

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Awesome service - used in the first time in La Rochelle after finding on google. Would recommend to avoid getting stuck with luggage to cart around and will use again!

Chels Sunderland September 2019


Outstanding company with a precise delivery! Good service, always sending updates! Will surely use it again! Well done Eelway

Marco Petti January 2019


I have used this service twice now in the last year - both times without any issue. It has left me free to check out of an air bnb and still have a day in Paris without luggage.

Beth Thompson October 2018


So simple and stress free! Excellent service - thank you for helping me with my heavy bags, it gave me and extra day to explore Paris before my evening flight.

Carrie-Anne Wagner September 2018


Great service and it sure beats dragging your suitcases down crowded narrow sidewalks in Paris.

Richard Tom September 2018


Excellent service and very helpful people!!!

Andri Theodorou August 2019


This service is amazing!! Definitely worth it!!

Jemima De León July 2018


Great service. Made first day a delight.

Larry Rocamora June 2018


Excellent service! Would 100% recommend. The booking process is quick and easy.

Tracy Kinealy June 2018


Fabulous, fabulous service! Excellent communication, kindness and promptness! Would recommend and use this service again and again!

Sheila A Nash May 2018


great service, fast ,friendly staff,highly recommended

Amirhossein Khademi April 2018


Really great service, very convenient, good value, with prompt and helpful staff. A real lifesaver!

Alaina Jensen April 208

More information about the luggage lockers and your visit to the Louvre.

Need to free yourself from your luggage? Eelway offers a left-luggage service at the Louvre Museum.
Drop off
your luggage from 6am to 11pm 7 days a week. You can enjoy your visit to the Louvre without being cluttered by your suitcases.
You will also be informed by email and sms at each stage of the transport of your luggage.

Does the Louvre Museum have a luggage locker ?

The Louvre Museum strongly disadvises visiting with your luggage. Indeed, due to the crowds, you may not enjoy your visit.
This is why it is recommended to drop off your bags in our luggage storage in order to enjoy this monument and the neighbourhood to the fullest.

Why use the luggage locker at the Louvre museum?

No more stress !
Imagine yourself with your bulky suitcases walking around Paris, between pedestrians, cars, sidewalks. All these obstacles will make your journey a painful and stressful one!

What are the advantages of a luggage locker near the Louvre Museum?

It is the geographical location. In one of the most chic and touristic districts of Paris, and especially in the heart of the city.
The purpose of this luggage storage is to free you for a while. As soon as you take charge, you will be able to visit the Museum naturally, but also enjoy the shops without being tired with your bag.
You will not have the stress of having your luggage stolen during a meal break, a picture of the Mona Lisa....

How to store your luggage at the Louvre Museum?

We accept all types of luggage in our locker near the Louvres. All you need to do is bring your bag, suitcase and more, directly to the nearest partner hotel of the Louvre Museum.
You also have the possibility of leaving your luggage in our luggage storage with our concierges when you arrive at the station, at the airport, so that they can take them directly to the luggage storage closest to the Louvre.

How to prepare your visit to the Louvre Museum?

  • Obtain the information map available in 13 languages, the Louvre Museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • The calendar of events and room openings, click here to access them.
  • Download the free audio guide on smartphone.
  • Keep your luggage in one of our left-luggage lockerto enjoy your day freely.

The Louvre Museum also offers you a guided tour of the Tuileries garden during the sunny days, to find out more click here.

Rates and schedules for the Eelway luggage storage at the Louvre Museum.

The Louvre's luggage locker are free of charge (you must have your entrance ticket). That being said, they only accept luggage up to 55cm x 35cm x 20cm.
That is why Eelway recommends that you pay a tariff of €10 per luggage, regardless of its size. And this, over a 24-hour period. Your luggage is 100% secure and safe in our partner hotels.

Here is a list of the services and rates we offer for our left-luggage:

  • 10€ For 24 hours in hotel deposit
  • +15€ Suitcases delivered to your home
  • +27,5€ Suitcases delivered to a station
  • +35€ Suitcases delivered to an airport

What are the closest left-luggage facilities to the Louvre Museum?

We have two luggage lockers near the Louvre Museum, their location is available on this map.
In these instructions, you can deposit all types of luggage, bags, parcels you want!

What activities and monuments are visible in the surroundings of the Louvre Museum?

Once you are free of your luggage, you can fully enjoy the many monuments and activities in the surroundings of the Louvre Museum.

  • The Seine and its bateau-mouches (batobus near the Louvre Museum)
  • Carrousel du Louvre
  • Champs-Elysées
  • Royal Palace
  • Tuileries garden
  • The Jeu de paumes crosses the Tuileries garden and hosts exhibitions devoted to the diffusion of photography and images from the 19th to the 21st century.
  • The Musée de l'Orangerie also hosts various works from the 19th to the 21st century in the Tuileries garden.

A little further on foot or metro, you will find many activities that are best done without luggage: Batobus, walking along the platforms to see Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower.
You can leave them in our left-locker near the Louvre Museum and have them delivered directly to your home if you wish.
These places are all within walking distance.
Go to our booking search engine to find the most accessible deposit for you, in order to left your luggage.

How to avoid queues at the Louvre Museum?

After or before leaving your luggage in the check-in area, you can enjoy your day at the Louvre Museum in a healthy way. That being said, you cannot arrive at the museum with your fully hands.
Here are some ways to avoid crowds and make the most of your visit without bulky suitcases:

  1. buy your tickets early
  2. choose the right entrance! There are several at the Louvres.
  3. choose if possible the off-peak times !
  4. Do not visit in case of a recent unpublished exhibition. You may get lost in the huge crowds. And it's by far impossible if you don't want to leave your luggage behind.

Museums in Paris in terms of luggage.

Many museums in Paris do not accept (most of the time) travellers with their bulky luggage, which is a source of disorder and danger (vigipirate plan).
They advise on their website to place your luggage in luggage lockers or hotels before coming.
However, some accept to use instructions but many conditions regulate them: time, size of luggage, content....

How to get to the Louvre Museum from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport?

Many travellers wish to go directly to the centre of Paris to visit the Louvre Museum.
The problem is that they are at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and do not know how to do it. Here is how you can make the journey.
By advising you of course to take a left-luggage when you arrive at the Louvre to avoid treasonous tiredness.
You can also call on our concierges to pick up your luggage at the airport and bring it to the partner hotel closest to the Louvre!

  • The RER duration is 50 minutes for 10€
  • The Bus duration 57 min for 14-16€
  • Taxi duration 24 min for 40-50€
  • Car duration 24 min for 5€
  • Shuttle bus 24 min for 27-80€
  • Uber duration 24 min for 30-40€
  • Line 1 of the Parisian metro network
    This metro line has a station a few steps from the Louvre Museum.
    If you wish to visit many other rich and famous monuments and districts of Paris at the exit of the Louvre, it is by this line that you can pass.

Which metro stations are close to the Louvre Museum?

There are several metro stations near the Louvre Museum that you can use more easily once your luggage has been left in the nearest Eelway locker.
Here they are:

  • Royal Palace Louvre Museum
  • Louvre Rivoli
  • Pyramids
  • Concord

What are the Louvre Museum's prices?

The visit of the Louvre Museum costs 17€. The ticket gives access to the collections of permanent works of art as well as to temporary exhibitions.
There are no reduced rates for this museum, however, every first Saturday of the month, access is free.

Visit the Louvre district by bus.

>Foxity is a company that provides guided tours of Paris' monuments throughout the year. The affordable prices will allow you to discover this jewel that is the French capital.
Of course, this company does not accept luggage in order to maximize the space on the bus.
That's why you can drop off your luggage at the Eelway left-luggage nearest the Louvre Museum (here's where to find it) and go directly to the departure point of the Bus, which is located at 5 Avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris.


Is there a cloakroom at the Louvre Museum?

It is possible to deposit personal effects of a size not over 55cm x 35cm x 35cm x 20cm at the Louvre Museum if the cloackroom is not full. However for larger luggage or in the event of a full cloakroom, it is better to book lockers near the Louvre Museum online on Eelway.

How much are the luggage storage in the Louvre Museum?

It's only €10 per piece of luggage per 24 hours to book a luggage storage near the Louvre Museum.

What is the size limit to drop off bag at the Louvre Museum?

Baggage larger than 55cm x 35cm x 35cm x 20cm cannot be left at the Louvre. However, it is possible to book online a bigger locker online on Eelway where you can drop any kind of items.

Where are the luggage storage in the Louvre Museum?

The cloakroom is located at the reception desk of the Louvre Museum and Eelway's luggage storage are located in the immediate vicinity of the museum.

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