Luggage storage Eiffel Tower

Luggage storage Eiffel Tower

You will soon go to the Eiffel Tower and you want to free yourself from your luggage and luggage? As indicated on the official website of the Eiffel Tower "Is there a luggage deposit or left-luggage at the Eiffel Tower? "The Eiffel Tower does not have a luggage deposit or luggage lockers". In addition, the official website gives us a list of the elements that are prohibited from entering the Eiffel Tower:

  • weapons and ammunition
  • explosive, flammable or volatile substances
  • blades that may constitute a weapon dangerous to the safety of the public and personnel
  • tools (in particular cutter, screwdriver, pliers...)
  • all excessively heavy, bulky or foul-smelling objects
  • packages or luggage of excessive size (at the discretion of the officials carrying out the control at the entrance to the monument)
  • any climbing, jumping equipment (including bungee jumping or parachuting) as well as any propaganda material of any kind
  • children's strollers not foldable
  • animals, with the exception of those useful for the support of persons recognised as disabled
  • glasses and glass bottles, beverage cans
  • an excessive amount of drink or food (at the discretion of the reception staff)

To allow you to visit the Eiffel Tower without worrying, free yourself from your bulky luggage by leaving your bags and luggage in one of our luggage storage near the Eiffel Tower. You will be able to move around easily, with your hands free, without suitcases. With the Eelway partner hotel lockers service, leave your luggage in storage areas and enjoy this magnificent monument that is the Eiffel Tower! The baggage storage and storage offer is available every day. To benefit from it, choose and book the locker near the Eiffel Tower that best suits your needs. When you arrive, go to one of the partner hotels located near the Tour Eiffel and drop off your bags and suitcases to the reception desk. They will then be stored in a secure place and you can then visit the Eiffel Tower in a very light way.

Book a luggage storage at the Eiffel Tower by clicking here !

Enjoy your visit to the Eiffel Tower !
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What a life-saver this service is. We had four 32kg (including a golf bag) on our return travel from the US to UAE via a stopover in Paris. I knew we didn't want to take all those bags into town with us. And, to complicate matters, we arrived at Orly but were departing from CDG. I stumbled across Eelway after an Internet search and what a find it was. Our concierge were on time, super easy to find, and communicative. What a fantastic service. I'm so happy you exist.

Dana B. April 2018


Fantastic service. No stress at all. I had half a day between my checkout from an Airbnb to my flight out of Paris with luggage and did not want to lug my bags walking around Paris. This was the most convenient option I found. They collected my bags right on time at my apartment and dropped them off at the airport on time. I could spend the whole day in paris without worrying about my baggage. The bags were zip locked for security so that was not a concern as well. Well worth the money. They are great at communicating on whatsapp and accommodating any requests.

Rutwik S. April 2018

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Looking for more than luggage storage at Eiffel Tower?

Send your luggage directly from your hotel to your home

Leave your luggage at the hotel reception, find it at home

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We take care of your luggage at home and transport it to your destination

Does the Eiffel Tower have a left-luggage locker?

You will soon be going to the Eiffel Tower and you want to free yourself from your luggage? Nothing could be easier!
As the official website of the monument says, there are no lockers where you can let your luggage.
But don't worry, Eelway offers you its services to allow you to visit the Eiffel Tower serenely.

Why should I use a left-luggage service near the Eiffel Tower?

Eelway's services take care of your luggage to make your life easier!
Free yourself from your bulky bags by leaving your luggage in one of our lockers near the Eiffel Tower.
You will then be able to move easily, without suitcases to disturb you, and thus fully enjoy this mythical tower!

What types of luggage can I store in a luggage storage?

In the Eelway lockers, you can leave any type of luggage.
If the size is out of format, please inform us when booking to plan a suitable location.

Is the Eelway left-luggage locker secure?

Our mission is to take care of your luggage:

  • The locker can be booked in advance, which avoids any possibility of confusion or doubts.
  • Your luggage will be sealed and secured as soon as it is picked up.
  • Your luggage will be monitored by receptionists in secure hotels.
  • Your luggage, bags, and suitcases are insured by Helvetia Insurance from the beginning to the end of the process.

What is the price? What are the opening hours?

In the Eelway lockers, the price for luggage in a 100% secure and supervised locker is 10€, per 24-hour period.
Our network of partner hotels that operate the left-luggage service welcomes you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even as a reinforcement of the Vigipirate plan.
Changes or cancellations are free of charge, and availability checks are visible online.
Our customer service is available every day between 7 am and 10 pm. Visit our platform now, where you can book the services of our Eelway partner hotels
Book a left-luggage locker at the Eiffel Tower by clicking here!

What are the prohibited items at the Eiffel Tower?

Many objects are prohibited during the visit of this essential monument!
We have listed them here:

  • weapons and ammunition.
  • explosive, flammable or volatile substances.
  • knives that may constitute a weapon dangerous to the safety of the public and personnel.
  • tools (in particular cutter, screwdriver, pliers...).
  • all excessively heavy, bulky or foul-smelling objects.
  • excessively large packages or luggage (according to agents inspecting at the entrance to the monument).
  • any climbing, jumping equipment (in particular bungee jumping or parachute jumping) as well as any propaganda material of any kind.
  • Non-foldable children's strollers.
  • animals, except for those useful for accompanying persons recognized as disabled.
  • glass glasses and bottles, beverage cans.
  • an excessive amount of drink or food (according to the reception staff).

A template is available to visitors at four points in the square, and at the security checkpoint before entering the monument.
Be careful, the Eiffel Tower does not have luggage lockers or checkrooms. Any things not allowed on the monument and placed in a bin will be considered lost.
That's why we recommend using Eelway luggage lockers!
For more information about the monument, please go on the official website of the Eiffel Tower.

Top 5: best activities near the Eiffel Tower

After left your luggage and visiting the "Iron Lady" in a very light atmosphere, set off to discover its surroundings:

  • The Champ de Mars
  • The Trocadero
  • National Hotel of Invalides
  • Musée de l’Homme
  • The city of architecture and heritage

For more information on activities to discover near the Eiffel Tower, click here.

How to go to the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is accessible from various public transport lines.

By subway:

  • Line 9 (Pont de Sévres - Mairie de Montreuil: stop Trocadéro)
  • Line 6 (Charles de Gaulle Etoile Nation: Bir-Hakeim stop)
  • Line 8 (Balard - Créteil: Ecole Militaire stop)


Line C (Versailles / Saint Quentin en Yvelines - Antony / Massy Palaiseau: stop at Champ de Mars - Eiffel Tower)

By bus:

  • Bus 82, stops: "Eiffel Tower" or "Champ de Mars".
  • Bus 42, stop: "Eiffel Tower"
  • Bus 87, stop: "Champ de Mars"
  • Bus 69, stop: "Champ de Mars"

Enjoy your visit to the Eiffel Tower, and don't forget to book your luggage storage.

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