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The easiest way to store your luggage in Paris

7/7 • from 7AM to 10PM

Available anywhere in Paris, its airports and its train stations

1. Book

Book your luggage storage and transfer online, in less than 5 minutes

2. Drop

Luggage is sealed then transferred to a secured warehouse before delivery

3. Collect

Get your luggage back anywhere and anytime you want, stations and airports included.

Enjoy your stay without your luggage

Why would you like to store your luggage in Paris ?

Select your specific case :

1 - I arrive in Paris

Take your time getting off the plane, the bus or the train, an Eelway concierge is waiting for you when you arrive to take care of your luggage. In a few seconds, your bags are sealed and stored, you are free to go. Enjoy Paris

2 - My luggage is delivered in Paris

Your luggage is stored in our secured lockers and delivered at the time and place you choose (hotel, AirBnB rental, train stations, airports...).

1 - Luggage locker in Paris

An Eelway concierge meets you at your hotel or rental at the time you asked during your booking. Your luggage is sealed, stored and delivered while you enjoy your day in Paris.

2 - My luggage is delivered at my place of departure

An Eelway concierge waits for you at your place of departure with your luggage, at your train platform or next to your check-in counter.

1 - Collect everywhere in Paris

Eelway comes to pick-up your luggage and to store it in our secured lockers. Your bags are sealed and insured.

2 - Delivery everywhere in Paris

You do not have to move, Eelway delivers your luggage anywhere you need: airports, train stations, hotels, home...


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Where to leave luggage in Paris?

You find a lot of storage places for your baggage but all have a drawback… You must come back at a moment or another.

Paris city, French capital, is plenty of monuments to visit and unusual places to discover. It's a pity to lose time coming back to pick up your bag or to sweat carrying it... Eelway will help you! Our concierges come to pick up or drop off your luggage anywhere in Paris (Chatelet, Defense, Louvre...), all parisian airports and train stations but also at home or your hotel.

Enjoy Paris like a parisian, Book your Eelway luggage storage online!

Luggage storage & transfer From/To

Paris Train stations and airports

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